Sungai Petani Hawker Centre

20 12 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Langkawi for a vacation. On the return trip to Penang, we stopped by Sungai Petani for a late lunch, shopped at two new malls in the vicinity, then proceeded to dinner. We found this hawker’s centre which is bursting with lights amongst the dark and quiet rows of shophouses at Jalan Pengkalan. It’s sandwiched between Kuan Ah coffeeshop and Chong Eng coffeeshop, with a Roman inspired arch and it’s open air.

SP Wai Sek Kai

Char koay teow

A plate of char koay teow that’s full of wok hei and as delicious as what you can find in Penang. The rice noodle is soft, the prawns are of adequate size and not overcooked.

Porridge #1

This is the congee with assortment of side dishes you can add to. I think their most popular dish is the braised dark soy sauce pork.

Porridge #2

Can you guess how much is two bowls of porridge and 3 side dishes? RM 5! Okie, now I’m super impressed with the super cheap prices of food here.

Curry wantan noodle

Curry wantan mee I ordered. Three pieces of moderate size chicken, delicious Chinese style curry and springy wantan noodle cost RM2.50 :)


Then we tried the char tan (translate to deep fried egg, or bomb? Hehe, it’s up to your interpretation) which is famous here. It’s actually loh bak with egg yolk in the middle, coated with batter and deep fried. Yum!

Leng chee kang

This generous bowl of leng chee kang cost RM2. I was speechless when it was brought to our table! Okie, there are quail egg, sago, white wood ear fungus, grass jelly, jelly cubes, sweet potato, lychee, longan, atap chee, pak ko (lotus seeds), nata de coco and even kei chi (wolfberries) that are embedded in jelly! *slurp* It was not too sweet, very refreshing and a variety of textures in there that made it so good to have as dessert.

Fried buns

This stall just under the arch is selling another version of my favourite bak kwa roti (barbeque meat bun). The bun is deep fried until golden brown, but still so soft to the bite. Very sinfully delicious.

I have enjoyed the food here so much I think I must come back again.