2nd Penang Flogger Gathering

17 10 2008


A delayed post from the 2nd Penang Flogger gathering at Edelweiss Cafe! (Sorry to all who were expecting this post like.. um almost 3 weeks ago >.<) We have to thank Lingzie for making the event happen. Also to the other sponsors of goodies – CK Lam, Criz Lai (lucky draw) and Gill & Jason :) It was truly a night centered on food and mingling among bloggers, getting to know each other at a more personal level. The best moment is when everyone started clicking away their camera when a plate arrives at a table!

Edelweiss signs

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Fatty Boy Chicken Rice

12 05 2008

Manchester United Premier League Champion!

Happy Belated Mother’s Day! Moms shouldn’t be allowed to cook in the kitchen yesterday :P Where did you bring the special one for a good treat? My mom always wanted simplicity and nothing extravagant. I baked the same cheesecake for her and dad brought us downtown for lunch. Since mom doesn’t want to eat in restaurant ;o we drove around aimlessly for 1/2 hour because a lot of coffeeshops are closed that day -_-;


Finally we found a parking lot, and headed for the ang chew mee suah (red wine rice noodle) stall I spotted last week. Again we came face to face with a closed stall.. the owner is away on vacation :(


Next door, Fatty Boy chicken rice looks pretty decent ^.^ We decided to have a try.


Besides chicken rice, they also have vinegar pork, which is one of mom’s favourite.


The roast chicken is de-boned and has lots of meat. It is so tender and smooth too. This is the most delicious chicken I have had! I’ve changed my favourite chicken rice stall from Goh Thew Chik to Fatty Boy :P


The vinegar pork came with a heap of lean meat (which dad requested). The pork is not as tender as lak tiau lor’s, which literally falls off the bone. Nonetheless, this gravy with a tinge of sourness is better and really delicious! Yummy~ I drench my rice with it because it’s soooo good. (A tastier version of pork trotter is in Butterworth).

tau kua & egg

Braised egg and tau kua

choy sum

Choy sum

Dad was a bit skeptical after the lady owner said everything cost RM24.90. With the portions served, we thought it would’ve cost more. Before leaving, they carried out a tray of freshly roast chickens. Business must be good :)

Fatty Boy Chicken Rice
98 Restaurant
Along Burmah Road, just after the junction to Kedah Road
(slightly further down from New World)
Open until 4pm

Soho Free House, Penang Road

23 11 2007

Soho Freehouse #1

I had lunch at Soho the other day after dad reckon they serve good traditional English pie. Soho is a pub at night but you can dine here for lunch and dinner. In the afternoon during weekdays, the place may get a bit crowded with office workers (lawyers and businessmen mostly).

Soho Freehouse #2

When we went there last weekend, we were surprisingly the only patrons besides a man who was already at the counter having his beer. Soon after, two men came in, followed by a family of foreigner. Business wasn’t brisk but all the better for us :P Food was served promptly and the waiter was attentive to our needs.

Soho Freehouse #3

The interior is very much like an old bar in an English countryside. All the furnitures are polished wood, the wooden floor of the deck creaks under our feet, the ceiling is wooden plank right down to the pillars are wood. I find myself scrutinizing every decoration in the place because none are essentially the same.

Soho Freehouse #5

Soho Freehouse #4

Empty liquor bottles line the wall shelf, retro looking Guiness posters and some other interesting brand logos are all over the place.

Steak & Tiger pie

In house specialty are old shepherd’s pie, fish & chips, home made burgers and chicken cordon bleu. Dad loves their Steak & Tiger pie so that was what he ordered. It’s chunks of beef marinated in Tiger beer topped with a puff pastry, with baked beans and fries on the side. Meanwhile, sis had their chicken & leek pie, which is chicken in a creamy white sauce also with a puff pastry baked to a crispy perfection. It’s served with green peas and fries on the side. You can request for jacket potato instead of fries.

Ploughman's Lunch

Mom wanted something light, so she ordered one of the Soho Quickies, Ploughman’s Lunch. The dish comprise of a french roll with a generous wedge of cheddar cheese, few sprigs of spring onion and pickled veg (since I can’t identify them, the menu writes – gherkin, radish, silver onion and red cabbage).

Sheperd's pie #1

I had their signature old style shepherd’s pie. It’s a classic British dish of minced meat in a secret highland sauce covered to the brim with mashed potato and baked, served with green peas and garden salad. The meat is your choice of lamb or chicken.

Sheperd's pie #2

I loved my pie! It’s very delicious especially the smell and taste of the lamb. However, I was wary whether they’ve used mutton because of the distinct flavour. Nonetheless, the meal was scrumptious to the last bite ^_^

The total amount came to about RM64. They also have spaghetti, steak, lamb chop, etc on their menu but their pies really are the best. There are an expansive selection of cocktails in their separate drinks menu including a lewdly named “slow comfortable screw against the wall” =D

Operating hour:
Open daily from 12pm to 12am

It can be easily spotted.. a bright purple building in Penang Road on your right.
No. 50, Penang Road, 10000 Penang
Tel: 604-263 3331 / 262 8331

Cecil Street Market Fried Sago

16 11 2007

Dessert stall

Cecil Street Market or to the local, is better known as chhit-tiau-lơ pasar (7th Street Market). It’s a late afternoon market selling dry goods, fresh vegetables, seafood, chicken and pork, roasted meats, clothes and household items. Where there are fresh ingredients, there are great hawker fares within the market. Good food to be found there are pasembor, duck meat koay teow, char mee suah (fried rice vermicelle) and char koey teow.

Not to be missed out is the dessert stall which sells excellent tong sui. It is located at the edge of the market, nearby the fruit stalls and open from 1pm onwards.

Dessert pots

Pots of labour work surround the two aunties’ tiny stall. They sell sweet dessert soups like bubur cha cha, red bean soup, bubur pulut hitam and bubur gandum. In addition, there are economy fried noodles and…

Fried sago

*cheng cheng cheng* fried sago! A plate of gooey sago fried with bean sprouts and dried shrimps, seasoned with perhaps the same seasoning as char koay teow as they taste almost similar. It’s different, unusual and good! Each bite is slightly chewy but not starchy. Everything sells for RM1 from this stall.

Blue Diamond Inn Mexican Food

6 07 2007

I found out about this Mexican food joint in Chulia Street from NST. I never knew there is one in Penang! It is sort of like a cafe located in the Blue Diamond Inn. I thought of giving this place a try to see for myself.

So, many dishes to try means more eating-man-power needed. I invited some ex-classmates and a couple of friends to dine there on my birthday. Okay, that’s selfish of me :P Their menu consists of authentic Mexican food names that those unfamiliar will be left stranded deciding. A little help from the staff would be nice. There were 6 of us, so we managed to try about 70% of the Mexican dishes in their menu. They serve standard Western food as well such as burgers and hotdogs, fish & chips, lamb chop, etc. Our orders were taken by a lady who can’t take orders. Blur like sotong. Haiz.


Drinks and food were served a tad too slow and inefficient (I was asked a couple of times what drink was ordered). Having only one man cooking, a few dishes had turned a bit cold when all 6 dishes came at once. This guy is the one who can whip up Mexican food. His photo is actually on the menu cover. Hehe. When I inquired the operating hours of the cafe, I was told he goes on vacation quite often.

Chilli con carne

I think this is chilli con carne. In The Sims 2, I learn that it is a stewed dish served in a bowl. Jian and I were scratching our heads when we couldn’t find anything close to that out of the 6 dishes. Sorry if I was wrong. Man, I have absolutely no idea. Basically, everything tasted almost the same. What sets them apart are the cuts and shapes of the tortilla wrap and additional ingredients in some dishes ;)


Fajita (I think)


Beef enchilada. It is supposed to be topped with cheese sauce and baked. It doesn’t appear to be baked.


Chicken quesadilla.

We also had tacos and a plate of chicken and bean burrito. They are all spicy despite that I had ordered mild. Like Nando’s, you can choose to have mild, medium or hot.

Location: Blue Diamond Inn, Chulia Street. A few shophouses down on your left once turn in from Penang Street.
Operating hours: 6pm-12am. Closed on Monday.

Tiramisu cake

Jenni's homemade cakes & bakery

Tiramisu cake from Jenni’s! Thanks for buying, Jian ^_^ Just the right balance of sweetness and creamyness. Scrumptious! I love that there’s hint of rum accompanies each bite.

*Note: My name is not Ah Ma (grandmother) okay. Cheeky punya Jian. In fact, it is my position and level (second ultimate next to Ah Kong currently hold by Jian) in ex-U6S1 class. Teeheehee :P

Cake closeup

Edible white chocolate flower… sweet!

Cake slice

Layers of cake and frosting.. yummy! Yay, lau ah ma turn 1 year old!

A beary big appreciation to all who showed up :) Jian, CH, CY, LY, CC, KN, CL. Especially to Jian. Thanks buddy! Love the huggable miao miao gift from you and CH. So sorry the meal wasn’t satisfying and up to standard. I hope there’s a better next time next year.

Jenni's shop

Location: Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus
Check out Jian’s Pulau Tikus area map for the location of Jenni’s Homemade Cakes & Bakery.

Father’s Day Lunch

25 06 2007

Father’s Day was celebrated with a lunch treat at Foong Wei Heong Restaurant at Jln Sri Bahari.

Steamed groundnuts

The munchies are not the usual peanut but steamed groundnuts dressed with soy sauce. Yum yum! So addictive.

Spring roll

Spring roll halve

As starter, their signature spring roll. I don’t know what’s stuffed in there :P Not very special, shouldn’t be their signature dish. The flavour of all ingredients is a clashing disaster, IMO.

Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup with century eggs. Tasty and appetising, after I got rid of the eggs. The funny thing is that, it’s served on a plate. I didn’t get much soup in the end.


Braised beancurd is delicious. But I’ve had better at kopitiam tai-chow.

Pork brisket

Stir fry pork brisket in plum and assam sauce. The most delicious dish on the round table. It’s crispy outside and has all the flavour inside. The nicest I ever had. A must order :)

Drunken chicken

The drunken chicken is okay, rather ordinary. The meat is tender and not fatty.

We also had cod fish. The cod is fresh and very silky smooth. Yummy! And also sambal stir fried asparagus which is I ate a lot coz I’m an asparagus nuts.

The total comes to RM 223 for 11 adults and a baby who only had a taste of the fish.

Kek Seng Coffeeshop

18 12 2006

Lunch at one of Penang’s oldest coffeeshop after a long and exhausting walk under intense hot sun with JM, covering some of the spots of Penang Heritage Trail. Nonetheless, it was a very educational walk because we discovered interesting places rested in the nook and corners, reinforced our knowledge on Georgetown’s street names and the art exhibition at Penang Museum was truly inspiring. JM made a map of our route (awesome job… hehehe), as well as a post about fried coffee. As I have no nice comment about the food at Kek Seng Coffeeshop, read more at Lillian’s. We managed to take nice pictures though, thanks to the natural lighting provided by the seat besides the window :)

Crab-meat popiah

Price: RM 1.50

Turnips, eggs, crab meat and fried garlic wrapped in thin paper-like crepe, garnished with fresh lettuce.

One adjective – bland tasting.


Photo taken by JM.

Ais kacang with two scoops of homemade chocolate and durian ice-cream. Where’s our damn jelly that’s suppose to come together?! Oops… hehe :P

Price: RM 3.00

Okay, the ice-cream won my heart but the ais kacang was crap. We had to satisfy ourselves with another bowl of dessert after we left, the famous Teowchew cendol.