Homemade popiah

4 08 2007

Popiah skin shop

Just before the traffic lights in Perak Rd, opposite the morning market is this shop that sells popiah skin for the price of around RM2 for 600g. The skin is so good… I sometimes eat it on its own ;) They open after 9am and supplies to popiah stalls.

Popiah fillings

To prepare this mixture of fillings, mom uses yam bean, carrot, mushroom and Chinese coriander. While stir frying, add some chicken stock and season with soy sauce. Yum yum! The coriander must be the fragrant type used in Hainanese chicken rice… coz it really does make a big difference :)

Homemade popiah #1

Spread rojak sauce and chilli paste, if you prefer onto the popiah skin. Then top the fillings in the middle before wrapping the popiah.

Homemade popiah #2

The tastiest popiah is made at home! I really prefer this over those sold outside :P