Tanjung Tokong Pasar Malam

4 12 2006

I had my braces removed on Thursday after three years of it being a part of me. Hehehe :) Liberation! I do feel a sense of emptiness at times though. Felt weird being able to slide my tongue across my teeth and feel the smoothness. So smooth, like the tau fu fah

Location: Trengganu Rd., from the blue van
Price: 70¢

I’ve been advised to be gentle with my teeth until I get my retainers. Soy bean curd, left overnight in the refrigerator gives pudding-like texture when eaten. Made a good morning meal.

Location: Tanjung Tokong (Jln Tanjung Tokong Lama)
Price: RM1.20

Ais kacang with loads of red bean underneath. I love the nuts sprinkled on top. There are also generous portion of atap chi, jelly and sweet corn buried in the ice shaving.

JM and I, pig out at 6pm. We bought putu mayam, putu piring, pulut tapai, satay and nasi impit, ayam goreng berempah (fried chicken with spices), and sugar cane drink.

Price: RM1 for 2 pieces

The putu piring was very soft and crumbles when I hold it. The seller was an Indian, hence it was slightly different from the one I had at Serdang’s Ramadan Bazar, which was prepared by a Malay. IMHO, this putu piring tastes better. More liau (filling) :]

Price: RM1 for 3 pieces

Um… yuck? Probably not very suitable for young people like us. Harhar! The pulut tapai is almost as if soaked in tapai. Clear liquid drips down with every bite. I don’t like the strong taste of tapai either.

I quickly clear the after-taste with a stick of satay. Only 30¢ per stick, with two choices of meat – chicken or beef. I must say the chicken meat is very tender and there aren’t clumps of chicken fat. The beef satay is not bad but JM said that the meat a bit on the hard side. The satay sauce is crap. We ate most of them without dipping the sauce.

Price: RM1 for 4 pieces

Usually the putu mayam I bought is thin and dry. This one is real good :) He prepares it on the spot unlike those I usually see at other night stalls. Still, the best I’ve had was some time ago. I haven’t tried the one blogged by JM (at Dato Kramat Rd. right?) yet, so that might be even better.