Sight, Sound & Taste of Diwali in Brickfields

26 10 2008

I adore everything under the category of Indian food. The sweets, the snacks, the banana leaf rice, the curry, the rotis, the chutney. Yum~ In this time of Deepavali festive mood, I just had to take a stroll along the length of Jalan Tun Sambanthan :D Brickfields is a bust of activities with the street lined up with stalls selling everything from muruku to sarees to cater for this festival.

homemade cookies

It is so refreshing to see striking colours in the form of food, clothing, greeting cards and decorations adorn the area. Hip and upbeat Bollywood music fills the air. The crowd, bargaining and walking away with new items in their hands tells you “yup, Deepavali is here”.


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Weekend in Malacca #1

25 07 2008


Last weekend I spent the time with a bunch of couchsurfer‘s in Malacca. Couch surfing is a project where the member offer his/her couch (@ a place to overnight) to another member traveller. This way, as a budget traveller, you can experience the culture through the local host and make friends along the way :)

fish paste noodle stall

We departed from KL at 7am. When we arrived in Melaka, the rain was pouring mercilessly on us. We waited, and waited, before the rain subside a little. Then head for breakfast with a grumbling stomach.

fish paste noodle

Dried style fish paste noodle I ordered. Seems like fish paste noodle can be found everywhere in Melaka.


Mr. Ken “Chairman” was our organizer. He brought us to Mr. Yee’s teahouse for a demonstration of traditional Chinese tea preparation. His teahouse may not be as glamour as Boh’s in Cameron Highlands, but it is stocked with teapots of all kinds and tea leaves ranging from RM20/100g to RM80/100g. Then, Mr. Yee kindly became our guide for the day ;D

The Eight Immortals House
22, Jalan Laksamana,
75000 Melaka, Malaysia


We just walk around in the town.. jumping in and out between food shops, free museums and souvenir shops.

street snacks #2

Some snacks and dried food stuff

street snacks #1

More snacks – dodol and nyonya kuih

Indian food

At around 3pm, we stopped at an Indian restaurant for banana leaf rice.

Indian food - puri

It is opposite Discovery Cafe where we were staying. For affordable yet comfortable accommodation, this place is it. I only paid RM15 for air-conditioned dorm :D

Discovery Cafe & Guest House
Mr. Teng Kim Sia
No. 3, Jalan Bunga Raya,
75100 Melaka

street - fried radish cake

After we have checked-in, the walk continues in and around Jonker Walk. Because of that refillable banana leaf rice, I was too full to try the fried radish cake ^.^;

trolley of pineapple tarts

A trolley of pineapple tarts left in the street.. keke. *evil instincts to cart it away*

street - cendol

I accompanied a couple from Mumbai, India and we had 2 bowls of cendol and a bowl of ABC. They’ve travelled East Malaysia, got a tattoo from the Iban, conquered Mount Kinabalu, hiked a couple of mountains, flew to Penang before meeting us in Malacca. Amazing! I’m so inspired after hearing so much travel stories. I want to travel and conquer each country’s food!

KL Eat & Shop: Night 2

7 05 2008

After our visit to Aquaria KLCC, we took a 10 minutes walk from KL Convention Centre to The Pavilion. That signals for a tummy refuel!

J. Co

Not a single day at J Co. without queing ;D When we reach the counter with the vast display of yummy donuts, our order is none other than Al Capone. Then Jian wanted Miss Green T to test the authenticness of the green tea used. Both passed her expectation. Hehe.


With John King just across the corner, the temptation of an ongoing promo is too much to resist. 12 tarts consisting all flavours and a few packs of biscuits later, the *kaching* of the cashier machine is heard. (You can click on the pic for a larger version to view the pricing).

egg tarts

This is how freshly baked egg tart looks like :D The curd is like a beautiful golden sun.


A selection of pies we didn’t try…

We hung around The Pavilion while waiting for the temu janji with Jason and the other secret floggers which Jason has invited along. Then coincidently we bumped into him, looking all smart in collared long-sleeve. Me and Jian – in tshirt. Ekks~ n_n; Eventually we learned that the other secret floggers are the pretty CityGal and funny tankiasu

bbq chicken wings

Finally all of us met up at Wong Ah Wah at Jalan Alor. I’ve never been here before despite many reviews from bloggers and the media alike. The most famous dish here, barbecue chicken wings. Juicy and succulent meat with crispy skin. Nicely caramelized to give sweetness to the chicken. Ahh so good!

roast pork noodle

Stir fried roast pork and wantan mee. A tad bit oily to my liking. Nevertheless the roast pork is pretty delicious.


Yummy hot satay! Tender and not very fatty. The peanut sauce is rather bland though. But as Jason said, it is good eaten on its own :)

Man Sok

After the satisfying and filling meal, still, we proceed to Tengkat Tong Shin for more! Hehe ^.^ Another stall I’ve been waiting ages to try… Man Sok @ Slow Uncle. Not easy to find his stall open. Pretty amazing he can stir fry with high heat yet doesn’t burn the food. I think it’s kung-fu ;D


Simple table set up of his stall.

chopstick & bowl

We were given this traditional and classic looking chopstick and bowl :)

Many many minutes later… *tada*! Our dishes arrived, and we started snapping pics. Lighting became a big concern but CityGal came to the rescue with her handphone’s torchlight.

stir fried hor fun

See how the food looks like it’s sent from heaven with the light? n_n

Stir fried hor fun in dark sauce. A bit oily and I felt that the seasoning fell short. Jian thinks it’s too salty. On the other hand, Jason finds it ok. Too many minds and conclusion was not reached :P

stir fried min sin

I love the texture of this stir fried meen sin with lots of cabbage, bean sprouts, prawns and egg bits but it lacks wok hei. The meen sin is really nice with some resistance to the bite.

I have to say how much of a good time we had with you guys. A big thank you for the treats and picking the best dishes from the menu (I wouldn’t be sure of what to order ^o^ Hehe)

Jason’s review
Jian’s review

Pau Bantal – A Twist On Traditional Steamed Buns

17 04 2008

Further down from Lam Kee wantan mee is a shop called Pau Bantal. I find the name quite cute so I went in to check it out. Whee~ Assorted type of pau with an interesting twist of flavours!

pau #2

Pau bantal (pillow steamed bun) is not for you to sleep on or hug at night ^o^ The dough is rolled out flat and the paste is slathered on, then rolled back into a log shape and steamed in bamboo steamer. There are chocolate, corn, coffee, etc flavours to choose.

pau #3

They also have the regular pau containing savoury fillings. If you like petai (stink beans) or nam yue (fermented bean), they have it too :P

Pau Bantal

Click on the pic to have a larger view. You can buy the pau bantal in a whole baguette shape or individual smaller piece.


The pau dough in kneaded in this big mean machine. Everything is handmade and fresh from this kitchen. *ting!* *extra point*


This leng chai kept teasing me why take pics of pau and not his good-looking face ^.^ Alamak~ *shy* So I bought 4 paus from him. Green tea (I must have this flavour!), pumpkin, peanut and tai pau (big bun).

I gave 2 away to my college mates and I had the delicous green tea. The paste tastes a lot like those green tea fillings in mooncake. Quite good as the bun is soft even when I ate it the next day. Unlike some that make you choke on it because it sticks to the roof of your mouth. The tai pau I cut into half and snap a few pics then kept for dinner. Hehe. The filling is quite dissapointing. I was expecting an egg but none to be found. However there are tender chicken slices in there and the sauce is tasty.

pau #1

Pau Bantal
Jln Bunga Tanjung 10, Taman Muda
Open from 7am – 8pm daily

Taman Muda location

Easter & Egg Tarts

22 03 2008

I grew up learning Easter Sunday is the day of the resurrection of Christ Jesus. How does it come to that Easter Day becomes a celebration involving painted egg and bunny?

Apparently the symbol of the bunny originated with the pagan festival of Eastre. The goddess, Eastre, was worshipped by the Anglo-Saxons through her earthly symbol, the rabbit. (Well, it doesn’t sound like it will sit well with Christian beliefs!) Hence like many other Christian religion celebrations, Easter extends beyond the church and has become commercially important. Therefore you see bunnies holding a basket filled with chocolate Easter eggs has become some sort a significance during this time.

John King egg tarts #4

So, I celebrate with my readers one of the most ubiquitious food to Malaysian involving egg which non other than.. egg tarts! Anyone walking by Food Republic in The Pavilion KL has probably been tempted by John King’s unique offer of flavours of egg tarts.

John King egg tarts #3

Pictured here are the milk egg tart, durian egg tart & 2 regular egg tarts. I stole a bite of my sis’s milk egg tart and it has a strong milky taste. The custard is soft as silk. Very delicious!

John King egg tarts #2

I had the durian egg tart, which uses real durian paste. Yummy~ Their pastry case is flaky but I think not as good as Tong Kee’s in terms of taste.

John King egg tarts #1

They also have selections of mini pies and siew pows. Originating from Hong Kong, this is their first branch in Malaysia and another branch is coming up at 1Utama.

Happy Easter! {=^.^=}

John King pastry at
Food Republic, Level 1, Pavilion KL
Open daily from 10.30am to 10pm

Going Pakistani

10 03 2008


So, did everyone went out to vote last Saturday? I sure did, uh.. grab the opportunity of uncongested KL traffic and rode a bus to Merdeka Square. The cloudy sky and empty street made perfect condition to shoot some pics ^_^ Not that I’m evading responsibility, but it’s the fact of having to travel between PG and KL. RM54 for bus tickets can earn me 3 dozens J Co Donuts oledi. Jian also laksanakan kewajipan by rolling on the bed hugging her blankie. Akeke *high-5*!

When I came back and post-processed some hdr images, they all turned out looking grim and rather terrifying! Bangunan Sultan Abd Samad resembles a haunted mansion! Probably has to do with the day the coalition party marking their biggest downfall in history :P And right here 50 years ago, they officially became the ruling party for this country.

Sultan Abdul Samad building

My gift to BN – mourn…

What is going to happen next? Does this change bring uncertainties? How will this political move affect the equity, the share market and business? What happens to all the ongoing development projects? I don’t know, I never pay attention in Sejarah or Pengajian Am. But it should be interesting. Go blogger Jeff Ooi (future Jelutong MP)!

I was looking for more buildings to snap some photos when I inadvertently walked into Jln Masjid Jamek. What else to do now but look for food! Yes I remembered the Lahore post in EatingAsia. It is situated at the beginning (or the end, depending which side you are on) of a stretch of Malay food stalls along a backlane. It was morning, the friendly Pakistani owner recommended his paratha as other dishes are not available yet.


Paratha & dhal

The paratha is simply delectable. It tears away better than tissue and the combination of margerine, flour and perfect cooking technique made this tastes much better than any other paratha. Eaten with dhal, it’s a marriage made in heaven~ n.n


Milk tea

To accompany this typical breakfast, Pakistani tea. Which in my humble opinion, is pretty much like teh tarik except the sweetness is controlled and no tongue-biting after-taste (I get this prickly feeling in my tongue with mamak’s teh tarik). All for RM2.50 and lots of smiles from the man. I will definitely come back to try the mutton curry and kheer and all their specialties that are of Pakistan origin!

While I was off exploring, I came across this breadhouse which looks as old as Malaysia. It reminds of me Pg’s Continental Bakery. I wish I had gone in to have a look but it looks scary from the distance.

Federal breadhouse

Hdr is my latest obsession :) Meanwhile, have a look at my Merdeka Square series. I will be posting more at my flickr as I’ve done editing.

Taman Connaught pasar malam

6 01 2008

Last week my parents were in KL with me for a holiday. But it ended up to be more like a gastronomic holiday. I introduced them to foods they never tried in KL and made them reconsider their belief that KL does not have good food :D Before I started reading food blogs to make good makan place decisions, we would always patronize food courts in mall. Not that they are bad, but there are so much unusual and delicious foods to explore out at the streets.

On Wednesday, I knew we had to make it to the Taman Connaught pasar malam even the sky was showing signs of rain. With the help of Jason (I sms-ed him, but he called and explained the direction. Thank you so much!) we found the night market with ease. The sky has turned a deep grey when we got out of the car but we persisted.

First, 6 Tokyo pancakes for RM2 to start. This stall sells Bangkok biscuit as well, which is the crispy version with coconut, and Tokyo crepe with many flavours to choose.

Tokyo pancake #1

Tokyo pancake #2

We also pass by a stall promoting hairy crabs, which is left steaming in a bamboo basket set on top of a wok. Sadly nobody is buying from him.

Lok lok

I saw a couple of Fatman Steamboat vans. I think it’s a franchise business, because there is one behind Sg Wang and some other places.

Grilled cuttlefish

This man is preparing dried cuttlefish to be grilled. We bought grilled tofu from him which is really yummy.

Put chai ko

After walking for what I felt like a long time, the end was still not to be seen. I could have rounded any Penang pasar malam twice already. Then I saw rows of cute red bean put chai ko (I learned about this snack’s name from Jian ^_^) at this stall, hygenically wrapped in plastic. There are also pandan and corn flavours. We had red bean and pandan but I personally prefer red bean, it’s not too sweet and melts in the mouth. So nice!

Nyonya kuih

I was attracted to the colourful nyonya kuih but decided to leave my stomach for something else. Looking back at the pic, I should have bought the kuih talam ;)

Taiwan pizza #1

Then I came to this pizza stall? It looked paper thin to me.

Taiwan pizza #2

Apparently it’s Taiwan pizza! My sis with the Taiwan fever had to buy it ;D It’s savoury, unbelievingly crunchy and I loved it to bits! Wished I can dial 7552525 to have them sent over any time n.n

Stinky tofu

Finally, the one and only chow tofu in KL. It stinks so bad, they proudly claim the title aroma across a thousand miles. Lol. It began to drizzle and we had to stand in line while waiting for the stall to start deep frying the fermented tofu. I cannot describe the smell, it is so not pleasant at all and I stood there inhaling it for 15 minutes @_@

Sorry I didn’t take picture of the tofu. Had to balance between pinching my nose and holding the camera :P It simply looks and tastes like deep fried tofu. IMHO, nothing special except its thousand miles smell. At least I can say I tried it.. hehe.