Weekend in Malacca #2

27 07 2008

At night, we were brought to a Chinese restaurant that seems to be popular among the locals. We decided to order seafood dishes. The other tables mainly had simple tai chow but we shall see how the seafood fares.

black pepper crab

Black pepper crab was really spicy. I’ve never tried this style before, it was surprisingly good.

salted egg crab

With this salted egg crab dish, I can taste the freshness of the crab. There are bits of salted egg yolk clinging to the sweet crab meat. It was delicious~ But having tried other restaurant’s exact same dish, this was just ok in comparison.


I love the tofu dish. The sourness of plum sauce and the refreshing cucumber strips paired with the fried tofu cubes are really good.

squid rings

Another one of my favourite dish. Deep fried squid rings. The batter was light and the squid has a q-q biting resistance. Something was amiss with the seasoning though, but I could look pass it ;)


The L-sized prawns are fresh and fried in some sort of egg-y batter (I’m not too sure). I wish there weren’t so much black bits on the shells but it was delicious nonetheless. We also had an Assam fish. The picture was too blurry I couldn’t make out what it is ;D It was, again, very fresh and lived up to expectation. The total came close to about RM500 for 2 tables.


Ji Xiang Restaurant
Opening hours: 12pm-3pm & 6pm-12am
No. 54, Jln Portugis, Kampung Hulu,
75200 Melaka


The next morning, we head to a dim sum shop opposite Kampong Kling Mosque located a few blocks away from Masjid Kampung Hulu. It is located at Jalan Tukang Besi, near to the intersection with Jalan Hang Lekiu. Jalan Masjid, nearby the Chinese restaurant we had dinner the night before.




A tray of steamed dim sum.


Our spread. Mwaah~ :D~

fried radish

This is my favourite – loh bak gou (radish cake). I just love the texture of the smooth interior.

siu mai #1

Beautifully presented siu mai. I don’t know what’s the pink pearl thingy.. I can’t distinguish it.

siu mai #2

Overall, we paid RM10 per person. We definitely over-ordered because the other table (we split to 2 tables) only had RM5 each! But most of the dim sums were good and I had a bloated happy tummy afterwards.