Autumn Hokkaido Fair

31 10 2008


The Autumn Hokkaido Fair is ongoing from 29 Oct – 12 Nov at Isetan, Suria KLCC. There are lots of Japanese products featured, fresh and processed. Needless to say, most of the items are so expensive ;(





Palm sized daifuku! Sadly I hope to see them shaped into nice intricate motifs like I’ve seen on tv.

frozen dessert

Some frozen dessert. I think you just have whack it into the microwave to get a nice treat after work :)

Autumn Hokkaido Fair

grilled squid section

One of the reason I was dragged here is the aroma that drifted from this station! Oh my.. smells so good.. I could detect it 2 floors down! ;D

grilling squid

grliing scallops

Frozen scallops thrown directly onto the grill :o That didn’t stop me from buying though. It costs RM8 for 3 pieces of big scallops about the size of 2 50¢ coins, and I’ve never tried scallops with this size ever. So it’s worth a try for me ^.^


Scallops in teriyaki sauce or they call it hotate kushi. I didn’t like the fact that they dump the freshly grilled and sizzling hot scallops into a plastic container. I recommend immediately open it, find the nearest food court and indulge!




KL Eat & Shop: Day 2

4 05 2008

Jian and two of her unimates came to KL last week. After a terrible start to get to Taman Connaught’s pasar malam by public transport, it was compromised by a good makan time trying all the street foods I missed out on my last time there.


The next day, we went up 41 floors to KLCC skybridge before lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We ended up around office hour lunch time and it was packed with patrons in suits and office wear.

salt & pepper

*whispers to Jian* Wah, I feel we are so out of place :P


The interior is nice and comfortable. There’s al fresco dining area overlooking the beautiful lake and fountain in front of Suria KLCC. But with the heat outside, it’s better to pass off the romantic sentiment and stay indoor.

Kung Pao pasta #1

Kung Pao Spaghetti with Chicken RM24.90

Kung Pao pasta #2

A spicy and slightly oily dish of al dente spaghetti, stir fried with dried chili, tender chicken, sweet spring onions, and finally a sprinkle of peanuts.

Santa Fe pizza #1

Santa Fe Chicken Pizza RM27.90

Santa Fe pizza #2

An 8′ (or is it 9′?) crusty pizza topped with chopped cilantro, grilled chicken breast and Mozzarela cheese. In the middle, a mount of tomato salsa, guacomole and sour cream. Perfect combination of taste ^.^

Santa Fe pizza #3


We were rather dissapointed with the serving size because other tables seem to get larger portion than us. But the waiter said that there is only one standard serving size. And a glass of water cost RM1 :(

The tube

After the meal, we headed to Aquaria KLCC. For MyCard holders, the entrance fee is RM28. When the operator asked if we were students and said that we are only required to pay RM20 if we are, we quickly showed our student cards. Hehe n_n


Piranhas! I didn’t know they could be that small yet so deadly. Really cili padi by nature.




Mega cool chameleon

sea creatures

Whee~~ food! I mean fish!


Ngaumm~ Mega cool shark.


Hahaha don’t you feel like laughing looking at the “face”? ^.^