Blue Moon

13 09 2008

Sorry for abandoning this blog for so long. There’s been loads of tests and assignments, plus the dorm internet connection is just lousy. Sites like google, yahoo and flickr wouldn’t load at all (DNS server problem??). Then I resort to using proxies which solves the problem temporary but it’s kinda slow. uSpot (our uni’s wifi provider) really sucks.


I had the opportunity to try this Blue Moon snow skin mooncake by Chyna, Hilton KL. The lotus and Amaretto paste enclosing the Blueberry Cheese Fenillantine in the center is wrapped with a layer of blue snow skin.


The outer layer was simply soft yet gives a very slight chewy sensation. The combination layers of blueberry filling, cream cheese and amaretto paste simply shouts cheesecake! but the additional layer of lotus paste brings you back to hey, it’s mooncake ^.^ The flavour and texture of the snow skin is excellent. The tangy cheese and sweet lotus is well balanced. Unfortunately I couldn’t really taste the amaretto. For the price RM13.60 per piece (and the size is smaller than regular mooncakes), it’s really satisfaction fulfilled. Yum~




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13 09 2008

hmm… about mooncake, I am happy as my family in law never like the mooncake.. else every year i need to spend a lot of $$ on mooncake… hee hee

but this blue moon looks so nice….

13 09 2008

Woww…..exquisite mooncake!~:)

13 09 2008
CK Lam

A special combination taste of the chinese mooncake with the western filling. Lucky for you, getting to eat it…

14 09 2008

cheesecakeeee…..opps…cheese Mooncake! Never knew cream cheese and mooncake can go together. Looks very nice :)

14 09 2008
Jackson Kah

wow…this mooncake looks good!

15 09 2008

it looks fave mooncake is from those from but not too sweet

16 09 2008

though this looks beautiful and dreamy.. i’m still old skool of lotus paste and single yolk :)

17 09 2008

Wah, looks good!

17 09 2008

Hi Durian Berry! Thanks for adding me to your list, I’ve added you as well! The blue moon looks really nice, wish I could try it! Too bad the Hilton in Sydney does not have it… =( I’ll have to go back to KL to find it, but I doubt they’ll have it when I go back anyway… =( Have you got the recipe by any chance? lol

19 09 2008
Precious Pea

I heard ravings about this year i guess.

21 09 2008

dear friend,

do u’ve BBQ LAND & STEAMBOAT BUFFET KUANG’s phone no at SG BULOH, SELANGOR @ been there? some said d price just below rm20/pax!


mal handsome

plz sms me +60128624623 or
email 2

23 09 2008

I like their creation….nice!

24 09 2008

I love your blue mooncake!

26 09 2008

PenangTuaPui – wah lucky! Especially moon cakes are so expensive these days. I prefer buying for myself to eat.. haha

Christy, CK, Jackson, Jason – Yup it’s pretty special. Each year we get more variety of flavours in moon cakes

buzzingbee – yeah it’s quite an interesting combination but we have tiramisu moon cake everywhere now! Lol

kampungboycitygal – From Shangrila? I’ve not tried that yet. Next year! :D

sc – I love the simple moon cakes with mung bean! But I don’t moon cakes with egg yolk :P

ArchiCook – It might be back by demand. Who knows? Hehe. Sad to say I don’t have the recipe. If you get your hands on the recipe, remember to make and deliver one for me!

Precious Pea – Yes there’s next year, and the next, and next… Don’t worry :P

wmw, Cynthia – It’s quite attractive due to the blue colour :) I just want to grab it when I saw it lol

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