Lam Kee wantan mee @ Taman Muda

12 04 2008

Taman Muda folks are lucky! And I repeat that 10x!
Lucky, lucky,
hungry, hungry,
cari makan, sini sana ada lagi!

There’s a nice morning market there and a double stretch row of stalls selling different food. At least to my observation, none of them repeats!


I was craving for wantan mee so we dropped by this stall, hoping the price has not increased too much due to the recent hike in noodle prices. A pan mee stall is just beside, with the word PAN MEE screaming at me but I couldn’t read the varieties they offer there as they are written in Chinese.

Making wan tan

We stucked by wantan mee although the stall seems almost going to close up for the day. The reason is because of this ah pak (uncle) :P Not to say he’s handsome but I just want to watch him wrap fresh handmade wan tan ^.^ Hehe

Wantan mee

Yummy looking wantan mee is served. If you are wondering, “eh, where the char siew slices go missing?”. Apparently they are sold out already by 12pm! They have some spare ribs left and they have wantan mee with chicken feet and mushrooms. Since me and my friend don’t eat chicken feet, we asked him to make us a vegetarian wan tan mee. Hehe. Oh btw, pai kuat wantan mee? I never knew! It looks dry and not much are left, so we were not bothered to order.


The noodle is excellent (springy enough!) while the mushrooms are delectably delicious! Must have been braised for a long time in a vinegar and soy sauce mixture to obtain that flavour, that resistance to the bite and smooth texture! Looks cute as a button~

wan tan

We also ordered extra wan tan soup to share, it came with 5 pieces of wan tan. The wan tan are disappointing though. The skin wrap has an odd flavour and the pork filling is rather bland and not well seasoned. But the soup makes up for it. Somehow all the flavour is in the soup!

I think I have to make a revisit since there are many more things to eat around here :)

Lam Kee wantan mee
Jln Bunga Tanjung 10, Taman Muda
Open from 6.30am

Taman Muda location


Sri Serdang curry chee cheong fun

27 03 2008


I love coming here for breakfast :) It’s about 7 minutes walk from my residential college. The two friendly ah poh who operate this stall will surely make your day with their smiles and greetings… “leng chai, leng lui, you sek meh ye“? ^o^ (handsome boy, pretty girl, what would like to have?)

chee cheong fun

Their curry chee cheong fun is the best in my opinion! It’s very tasty and full of flavour, not too spicy either. It is like grandma’s homecook curry – with a touch of love and care put in n.n Top off with a sprinkle of crunchy dried shrimp and white sesame. Yummy yummy~ You can add fried beancurd sheets and a few types of fishballs to the chee cheong fun, with each piece costing 50¢.

red bean tong sui

Roomie says *yeah! sedap ohh*

I love their red bean tong sui too! And I never eat hong tou tong unless I’m forced to :P They add in just the right amount of coconut milk to my liking.

Jalan 18/32
Sri Serdang
43400 Seri Kembangan
Open from 7am to 12pm-ish (until sold out)
Close on Sunday

Sungai Petani Hawker Centre

20 12 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Langkawi for a vacation. On the return trip to Penang, we stopped by Sungai Petani for a late lunch, shopped at two new malls in the vicinity, then proceeded to dinner. We found this hawker’s centre which is bursting with lights amongst the dark and quiet rows of shophouses at Jalan Pengkalan. It’s sandwiched between Kuan Ah coffeeshop and Chong Eng coffeeshop, with a Roman inspired arch and it’s open air.

SP Wai Sek Kai

Char koay teow

A plate of char koay teow that’s full of wok hei and as delicious as what you can find in Penang. The rice noodle is soft, the prawns are of adequate size and not overcooked.

Porridge #1

This is the congee with assortment of side dishes you can add to. I think their most popular dish is the braised dark soy sauce pork.

Porridge #2

Can you guess how much is two bowls of porridge and 3 side dishes? RM 5! Okie, now I’m super impressed with the super cheap prices of food here.

Curry wantan noodle

Curry wantan mee I ordered. Three pieces of moderate size chicken, delicious Chinese style curry and springy wantan noodle cost RM2.50 :)


Then we tried the char tan (translate to deep fried egg, or bomb? Hehe, it’s up to your interpretation) which is famous here. It’s actually loh bak with egg yolk in the middle, coated with batter and deep fried. Yum!

Leng chee kang

This generous bowl of leng chee kang cost RM2. I was speechless when it was brought to our table! Okie, there are quail egg, sago, white wood ear fungus, grass jelly, jelly cubes, sweet potato, lychee, longan, atap chee, pak ko (lotus seeds), nata de coco and even kei chi (wolfberries) that are embedded in jelly! *slurp* It was not too sweet, very refreshing and a variety of textures in there that made it so good to have as dessert.

Fried buns

This stall just under the arch is selling another version of my favourite bak kwa roti (barbeque meat bun). The bun is deep fried until golden brown, but still so soft to the bite. Very sinfully delicious.

I have enjoyed the food here so much I think I must come back again.

Penang Famous Street Food Fest Photos

19 12 2007

I intend to post this on Monday but Streamyx was pretty nasty to me :/ Jian and I went to check out the Penang Famous Street Food Fest at PISA held in conjunction with The Star’s Starwalk. There were at least 30 stalls offering local hawker’s delight. Here are the pics :)

Satay grill

Satay stall


Thumbs up for the satay! Juicy and tasty, but the peanut sauce was a slight let down.

Apom manis

Yummy apom manis


The famous pasembor Edgecumbe


The crowd

Line dance

Line dance performance in between session


The nyonya kuih talam was exceptionally delicious.. just the right amount of “bounce” and almost melts in the mouth. They gave out free samples which enticed us to buy :P

Chinese pancake

Ban chiang kuih (Chinese peanut pancake)

Fruit rojak

The aunty performing her shrimp paste pulling technique at the fruit rojak station. Wah ^_^


Long queue at the famous Penang Road cendol stall


Overall, some vendors retain their quality while some are just not up to expectation. But it’s a great event for tourists who can sample everything unique to Penang at one hot spot.

Cecil Street Market Fried Sago

16 11 2007

Dessert stall

Cecil Street Market or to the local, is better known as chhit-tiau-lơ pasar (7th Street Market). It’s a late afternoon market selling dry goods, fresh vegetables, seafood, chicken and pork, roasted meats, clothes and household items. Where there are fresh ingredients, there are great hawker fares within the market. Good food to be found there are pasembor, duck meat koay teow, char mee suah (fried rice vermicelle) and char koey teow.

Not to be missed out is the dessert stall which sells excellent tong sui. It is located at the edge of the market, nearby the fruit stalls and open from 1pm onwards.

Dessert pots

Pots of labour work surround the two aunties’ tiny stall. They sell sweet dessert soups like bubur cha cha, red bean soup, bubur pulut hitam and bubur gandum. In addition, there are economy fried noodles and…

Fried sago

*cheng cheng cheng* fried sago! A plate of gooey sago fried with bean sprouts and dried shrimps, seasoned with perhaps the same seasoning as char koay teow as they taste almost similar. It’s different, unusual and good! Each bite is slightly chewy but not starchy. Everything sells for RM1 from this stall.

Satay Celup Melaka

5 09 2007

This is the continuation of the holiday with my parents 3 weeks ago. We arrived in Melaka at around 3pm. After some rest in the hotel, we headed for satay celup before 6pm to avoid crowds :) Round here, round there… we found Ban Lee Siang before Capitol. So we decided to just drop in.

Ban Lee Siang #1

Ban Lee Siang #2

A vast selection of food items skewered with bamboo sticks to choose from the fridge. Each stick costs only 50¢ so be careful of getting carried away :P

Satay celup skewers

We had oyster mushroom, okra, assorted fishballs, meatballs, squid balls, crab paste, tofu, etc.

Satay celup bread cubes

Additionally, we ordered bread cubes to soak up the spicy sauce and coat with chunks of peanut *slurp*! 50¢ a plate also.

Satay celup

Dump in everything and watch the skewers dance in the bubbling pot of peanut sauce. Once a while, the shop owner’s maid cum servant will interrupt and stirs the pot to prevent peanut chunks from burning at the bottom of it. Occasionally, she’ll pick up lose pieces from the skewers and put on your plate. Hehe

Lorong seafood #1

Lorong seafood #2

After meal, we walked around the area in Jalan Bunga Raya. We came to this dainty lorong that serves up fantastic seafood as blogged by wmw and has been visited by HoChiak! and Taste with Jason programme hosts.

Fish paste noodle

Off Jalan Bunga Raya, a few blocks down after Madam King department store is a road that’s closed at night for a few fruit and food stalls to operate. We had yu kau meen (fish paste noodle?) at a stall in front of Nam Seng coffeeshop. Assorted fish balls and fish paste topped with crispy fried beancurd skin in a bowl of yellow noodle and bee hoon. YuM! RM2.50 a serving.


A bottle of chili sauce to add to the noodle… up to your liking or tolerance :)

Puchong Escapade

20 08 2007

Wed, two weeks ago, my parents drove me from Penang back to my uni as they are also coming to KL for holiday. We set off at 4am because I had to sit for my Microprocessor quiz at 9am. Hehe. After that, I skipped tutorial and Seminar lecture and drove out with my parents to Puchong. Mom has written down a few respectable places for food in KL

Yong Sheng Confectionery IOI Mall

We went to IOI Mall and I stopped by this Yong Sheng Sdn. Bhd. booth to try out mooncake samples. Hehe. Eventually, I had to try their Japanese mochi too as they look so cute and soft.

Yong Sheng Confectionery Japanese mochi

My parents ended up buying 4 packets and we get 2 packets free. They give a very nice box to contain the mochi (6 in each packet), perfect as gifts or souvenirs. They are having a buy 2 free 1 promotion for a price of RM10. There are red bean, peanuts and green tea flavour. The green tea lacks flavour, I hardly taste it unless I concentrate when chewing :P
Mom intended to try the spinach pan mee stall at Jalan Kenari 2. By the time we found the coffeeshop which house the pan mee stall, it was already closed :( The banks which congregate around the area made it really difficult to find a parking space. The traffic flow was a nightmare and we were stucked in a one lane road.

It was already 3pm and we were hungry. Most of the coffeeshops were done for the day, so we just dropped by one in the next block which is still opened. We ordered Hokkien char (or Tai Luk Meen) and Ying yong wat tan hor from a fried noodle stall.

Hokkien fried noodle

The food was pretty good. Hokkien char (Hokkien fried noodle) is lightly stir fried and the least oily I’ve had anywhere. The ingredients are a bit on the skimpy side but overall quite tasty.

Cantonese noodle

Ying yong wat tan hor (Cantonese fried noodle) was delicious. Crispy noodle and soft flat noodle in a thick eggy gravy topped with two fresh prawns. More eggy bits will be nice :)

Pork noodle

Pork noodle is not bad but rather ordinary only.

Yau Kwang Restaurant
Jalan Kenari 3 (I think), shophouse row opposite IOI Mall