Autumn Hokkaido Fair

31 10 2008


The Autumn Hokkaido Fair is ongoing from 29 Oct – 12 Nov at Isetan, Suria KLCC. There are lots of Japanese products featured, fresh and processed. Needless to say, most of the items are so expensive ;(





Palm sized daifuku! Sadly I hope to see them shaped into nice intricate motifs like I’ve seen on tv.

frozen dessert

Some frozen dessert. I think you just have whack it into the microwave to get a nice treat after work :)

Autumn Hokkaido Fair

grilled squid section

One of the reason I was dragged here is the aroma that drifted from this station! Oh my.. smells so good.. I could detect it 2 floors down! ;D

grilling squid

grliing scallops

Frozen scallops thrown directly onto the grill :o That didn’t stop me from buying though. It costs RM8 for 3 pieces of big scallops about the size of 2 50¢ coins, and I’ve never tried scallops with this size ever. So it’s worth a try for me ^.^


Scallops in teriyaki sauce or they call it hotate kushi. I didn’t like the fact that they dump the freshly grilled and sizzling hot scallops into a plastic container. I recommend immediately open it, find the nearest food court and indulge!




Rak Thai @ The Gardens Midvalley

10 08 2008


Rak Thai serves some trully delicious and authenthic Thai food at affordable prices. It is located on the ground floor of The Gardens, just beside SBread. The restaurant shows Thai influence in the interior and it is spacious enough for roller skating within.


At the front there are some cosy low sitting rattan sofas if you can eat with your body bend at an angle. Or you can just sit at the hard wooden chair at normal height. Packets of instant noodle and other Thai-related prepacked foods are displayed in front as well as in one corner, and I presume they are also for sale.

But I’m here for cooked food! Check the menu here and here. I photographed them for future reference ^o^

ice lemon tea & pandan lemongrass

Iced lemon tea and Pandan lemongrass. My Pandan lemongrass is ordered warm because I had cough. It is a very nice drink! Reminds me of tong yuen but with the extra infusion of fragant lemongrass. Gives me an idea when boiling syrup for tong yuen next time!

tom yam kung

Both my friends ordered Tom Yum Kung Seafood. When it came, boy, were we surprised it is clear! I’ve been wanting to try this version. It is heavily flavoured with galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. A taste of the soup is enough to send me to happyland! ^.^ I love the sourness and spicyness combined with the flavour of the natural ingredients. All of us are smitten by how good it is ;D

green curry

Next up, my Green Curry Seafood. My friend was raving about this before coming, I had to order this despite having just recovered from fever. Another bowl of yumminess! The taste is heavily infused with Thai basil and coconut milk, with loads of the leaves inside and a few pieces of squid rings, fish paste and crabstick. Too bad about the layer of oil. Icks me out :P I felt so jelak at the end.

Overall, I like the way they prepare their food. Using real ingredients and the taste is as close to the original as possible.

KL Eat & Shop: Night 3

18 05 2008

We parted way with Jian’s friend and took the KTM to Midvalley. From all the walkings in the afternoon, our time at The Garden’s was much more leisurely. What else to eat.. but a few licks of Italian gelato to cool off ^.^




A selection of gelati which you can kindly request to try until you find the right flavour. Being intrigued, I tried some figs gelato, honey toffee malt gelato and a bright Ferrari red raspberry gelato. They did’t taste that good, so ultimately..

tri gelato

We ordered lychee, strawberry and green tea. 3 scoops in a cup is approximately RM15. The best of the trio is lychee flavour. Definitive strong lychee taste that isn’t too sweet and very refreshing, almost like a sorbet minus the graininess. The strawberry gelato was a bit too sweet.

butter mount

We actually polished off the gelato at SBread (got place to sit mah :P), which is just around the corner. There is a small counter which you can sample 3 types of their bread (plain, sesame or charcoal) and jam (pandan, vanilla or yam).

thai iced tea

We ordered their set inclusive of Iced Thai Milk Tea and yam topped charcoal bread for RM10. The Thai tea has very good flavour! Best milk tea ever :3~

charcoal bread with yam jam

Their soft charcoal bread is deemed to be healthy. It tastes just like ordinary bread. The edible charcoal powder used to make the bread is grounded from the Moso bamboo which is naturally black in colour. The yam jam with chunks of yam was sweet, perhaps they should go easy on the over-generous topping.

I was told of this little shack by a reader, Jocelyn Mah sometime ago and regretted I didn’t come here sooner ;D The staffs are helpful but we had a little problem understanding their Thai accented English.

Jian’s review

KL Eat & Shop: Day 3

10 05 2008

On the last day I was with them, we went to the famed ‘nostalgic dining place’, Yut Kee at Jalan Dang Wangi. At first glance, the coffeeshop is tiled and complete with marbled table top and wooden chairs. Wah~ My favourite kind of ambience ;D



Antique objects, old picture frames and multitudes of newspaper interviews on this place adorned the length of this longish coffeeshop. My grandpa used to own that kind of fan until a few years ago before it went kaputt.


To see the pricing, click on pic to view larger size.

pork chop #1

We had the recommended Hainan pork chop, looking like it had trudged through a hurricane before arriving at our table. That poor piece of pork appears to have drowned in the gravy.

pork chop #2

A better presentation, thanks to Jian’s friend :) Jian thinks the pork has been tenderized by meat tenderizer, thus leading to a tough and coarse texture. Paired with the watery thin and tasteless gravy, even Worcestershire sauce cannot save this disaster before our eyes :o

Lea & Perrins

chicken chop

The chicken chop fare no better. Another victim of banjir kilat. The eggy skin felt like chewing a soggy piece of french toast. The sauce does not have enough flavour to complement the chicken.

roti babi #1

Roti babi was slightly more acceptable. A bun filled with shredded pork and caramelized onion that is fried.

roti babi #2

Some of the pork shreds are so smooth we almost believe it could fish meat. If it is accidental that pieces of fish fell into the pork mixture, blame it on earthquake?


Thank goodness for this kow and arromatic coffee to comb up the messed left on my palate.

We agreed that the Hainan western food at Yut Kee is perhaps, overrated. If there is a next time, maybe we should give the lam mee and fried rice a try.

There’s gov tax?! #@*&^%$^!@*&

KL Eat & Shop: Night 2

7 05 2008

After our visit to Aquaria KLCC, we took a 10 minutes walk from KL Convention Centre to The Pavilion. That signals for a tummy refuel!

J. Co

Not a single day at J Co. without queing ;D When we reach the counter with the vast display of yummy donuts, our order is none other than Al Capone. Then Jian wanted Miss Green T to test the authenticness of the green tea used. Both passed her expectation. Hehe.


With John King just across the corner, the temptation of an ongoing promo is too much to resist. 12 tarts consisting all flavours and a few packs of biscuits later, the *kaching* of the cashier machine is heard. (You can click on the pic for a larger version to view the pricing).

egg tarts

This is how freshly baked egg tart looks like :D The curd is like a beautiful golden sun.


A selection of pies we didn’t try…

We hung around The Pavilion while waiting for the temu janji with Jason and the other secret floggers which Jason has invited along. Then coincidently we bumped into him, looking all smart in collared long-sleeve. Me and Jian – in tshirt. Ekks~ n_n; Eventually we learned that the other secret floggers are the pretty CityGal and funny tankiasu

bbq chicken wings

Finally all of us met up at Wong Ah Wah at Jalan Alor. I’ve never been here before despite many reviews from bloggers and the media alike. The most famous dish here, barbecue chicken wings. Juicy and succulent meat with crispy skin. Nicely caramelized to give sweetness to the chicken. Ahh so good!

roast pork noodle

Stir fried roast pork and wantan mee. A tad bit oily to my liking. Nevertheless the roast pork is pretty delicious.


Yummy hot satay! Tender and not very fatty. The peanut sauce is rather bland though. But as Jason said, it is good eaten on its own :)

Man Sok

After the satisfying and filling meal, still, we proceed to Tengkat Tong Shin for more! Hehe ^.^ Another stall I’ve been waiting ages to try… Man Sok @ Slow Uncle. Not easy to find his stall open. Pretty amazing he can stir fry with high heat yet doesn’t burn the food. I think it’s kung-fu ;D


Simple table set up of his stall.

chopstick & bowl

We were given this traditional and classic looking chopstick and bowl :)

Many many minutes later… *tada*! Our dishes arrived, and we started snapping pics. Lighting became a big concern but CityGal came to the rescue with her handphone’s torchlight.

stir fried hor fun

See how the food looks like it’s sent from heaven with the light? n_n

Stir fried hor fun in dark sauce. A bit oily and I felt that the seasoning fell short. Jian thinks it’s too salty. On the other hand, Jason finds it ok. Too many minds and conclusion was not reached :P

stir fried min sin

I love the texture of this stir fried meen sin with lots of cabbage, bean sprouts, prawns and egg bits but it lacks wok hei. The meen sin is really nice with some resistance to the bite.

I have to say how much of a good time we had with you guys. A big thank you for the treats and picking the best dishes from the menu (I wouldn’t be sure of what to order ^o^ Hehe)

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KL Eat & Shop: Day 2

4 05 2008

Jian and two of her unimates came to KL last week. After a terrible start to get to Taman Connaught’s pasar malam by public transport, it was compromised by a good makan time trying all the street foods I missed out on my last time there.


The next day, we went up 41 floors to KLCC skybridge before lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We ended up around office hour lunch time and it was packed with patrons in suits and office wear.

salt & pepper

*whispers to Jian* Wah, I feel we are so out of place :P


The interior is nice and comfortable. There’s al fresco dining area overlooking the beautiful lake and fountain in front of Suria KLCC. But with the heat outside, it’s better to pass off the romantic sentiment and stay indoor.

Kung Pao pasta #1

Kung Pao Spaghetti with Chicken RM24.90

Kung Pao pasta #2

A spicy and slightly oily dish of al dente spaghetti, stir fried with dried chili, tender chicken, sweet spring onions, and finally a sprinkle of peanuts.

Santa Fe pizza #1

Santa Fe Chicken Pizza RM27.90

Santa Fe pizza #2

An 8′ (or is it 9′?) crusty pizza topped with chopped cilantro, grilled chicken breast and Mozzarela cheese. In the middle, a mount of tomato salsa, guacomole and sour cream. Perfect combination of taste ^.^

Santa Fe pizza #3


We were rather dissapointed with the serving size because other tables seem to get larger portion than us. But the waiter said that there is only one standard serving size. And a glass of water cost RM1 :(

The tube

After the meal, we headed to Aquaria KLCC. For MyCard holders, the entrance fee is RM28. When the operator asked if we were students and said that we are only required to pay RM20 if we are, we quickly showed our student cards. Hehe n_n


Piranhas! I didn’t know they could be that small yet so deadly. Really cili padi by nature.




Mega cool chameleon

sea creatures

Whee~~ food! I mean fish!


Ngaumm~ Mega cool shark.


Hahaha don’t you feel like laughing looking at the “face”? ^.^

Easter & Egg Tarts

22 03 2008

I grew up learning Easter Sunday is the day of the resurrection of Christ Jesus. How does it come to that Easter Day becomes a celebration involving painted egg and bunny?

Apparently the symbol of the bunny originated with the pagan festival of Eastre. The goddess, Eastre, was worshipped by the Anglo-Saxons through her earthly symbol, the rabbit. (Well, it doesn’t sound like it will sit well with Christian beliefs!) Hence like many other Christian religion celebrations, Easter extends beyond the church and has become commercially important. Therefore you see bunnies holding a basket filled with chocolate Easter eggs has become some sort a significance during this time.

John King egg tarts #4

So, I celebrate with my readers one of the most ubiquitious food to Malaysian involving egg which non other than.. egg tarts! Anyone walking by Food Republic in The Pavilion KL has probably been tempted by John King’s unique offer of flavours of egg tarts.

John King egg tarts #3

Pictured here are the milk egg tart, durian egg tart & 2 regular egg tarts. I stole a bite of my sis’s milk egg tart and it has a strong milky taste. The custard is soft as silk. Very delicious!

John King egg tarts #2

I had the durian egg tart, which uses real durian paste. Yummy~ Their pastry case is flaky but I think not as good as Tong Kee’s in terms of taste.

John King egg tarts #1

They also have selections of mini pies and siew pows. Originating from Hong Kong, this is their first branch in Malaysia and another branch is coming up at 1Utama.

Happy Easter! {=^.^=}

John King pastry at
Food Republic, Level 1, Pavilion KL
Open daily from 10.30am to 10pm