Weekend in Malacca #2

27 07 2008

At night, we were brought to a Chinese restaurant that seems to be popular among the locals. We decided to order seafood dishes. The other tables mainly had simple tai chow but we shall see how the seafood fares.

black pepper crab

Black pepper crab was really spicy. I’ve never tried this style before, it was surprisingly good.

salted egg crab

With this salted egg crab dish, I can taste the freshness of the crab. There are bits of salted egg yolk clinging to the sweet crab meat. It was delicious~ But having tried other restaurant’s exact same dish, this was just ok in comparison.


I love the tofu dish. The sourness of plum sauce and the refreshing cucumber strips paired with the fried tofu cubes are really good.

squid rings

Another one of my favourite dish. Deep fried squid rings. The batter was light and the squid has a q-q biting resistance. Something was amiss with the seasoning though, but I could look pass it ;)


The L-sized prawns are fresh and fried in some sort of egg-y batter (I’m not too sure). I wish there weren’t so much black bits on the shells but it was delicious nonetheless. We also had an Assam fish. The picture was too blurry I couldn’t make out what it is ;D It was, again, very fresh and lived up to expectation. The total came close to about RM500 for 2 tables.


Ji Xiang Restaurant
Opening hours: 12pm-3pm & 6pm-12am
No. 54, Jln Portugis, Kampung Hulu,
75200 Melaka


The next morning, we head to a dim sum shop opposite Kampong Kling Mosque located a few blocks away from Masjid Kampung Hulu. It is located at Jalan Tukang Besi, near to the intersection with Jalan Hang Lekiu. Jalan Masjid, nearby the Chinese restaurant we had dinner the night before.




A tray of steamed dim sum.


Our spread. Mwaah~ :D~

fried radish

This is my favourite – loh bak gou (radish cake). I just love the texture of the smooth interior.

siu mai #1

Beautifully presented siu mai. I don’t know what’s the pink pearl thingy.. I can’t distinguish it.

siu mai #2

Overall, we paid RM10 per person. We definitely over-ordered because the other table (we split to 2 tables) only had RM5 each! But most of the dim sums were good and I had a bloated happy tummy afterwards.


Weekend in Malacca #1

25 07 2008


Last weekend I spent the time with a bunch of couchsurfer‘s in Malacca. Couch surfing is a project where the member offer his/her couch (@ a place to overnight) to another member traveller. This way, as a budget traveller, you can experience the culture through the local host and make friends along the way :)

fish paste noodle stall

We departed from KL at 7am. When we arrived in Melaka, the rain was pouring mercilessly on us. We waited, and waited, before the rain subside a little. Then head for breakfast with a grumbling stomach.

fish paste noodle

Dried style fish paste noodle I ordered. Seems like fish paste noodle can be found everywhere in Melaka.


Mr. Ken “Chairman” was our organizer. He brought us to Mr. Yee’s teahouse for a demonstration of traditional Chinese tea preparation. His teahouse may not be as glamour as Boh’s in Cameron Highlands, but it is stocked with teapots of all kinds and tea leaves ranging from RM20/100g to RM80/100g. Then, Mr. Yee kindly became our guide for the day ;D

The Eight Immortals House
22, Jalan Laksamana,
75000 Melaka, Malaysia


We just walk around in the town.. jumping in and out between food shops, free museums and souvenir shops.

street snacks #2

Some snacks and dried food stuff

street snacks #1

More snacks – dodol and nyonya kuih

Indian food

At around 3pm, we stopped at an Indian restaurant for banana leaf rice.

Indian food - puri

It is opposite Discovery Cafe where we were staying. For affordable yet comfortable accommodation, this place is it. I only paid RM15 for air-conditioned dorm :D

Discovery Cafe & Guest House
Mr. Teng Kim Sia
No. 3, Jalan Bunga Raya,
75100 Melaka

street - fried radish cake

After we have checked-in, the walk continues in and around Jonker Walk. Because of that refillable banana leaf rice, I was too full to try the fried radish cake ^.^;

trolley of pineapple tarts

A trolley of pineapple tarts left in the street.. keke. *evil instincts to cart it away*

street - cendol

I accompanied a couple from Mumbai, India and we had 2 bowls of cendol and a bowl of ABC. They’ve travelled East Malaysia, got a tattoo from the Iban, conquered Mount Kinabalu, hiked a couple of mountains, flew to Penang before meeting us in Malacca. Amazing! I’m so inspired after hearing so much travel stories. I want to travel and conquer each country’s food!

Taiping Steamed Chicken Rice & Cendol

23 05 2008

This post dates back to Labour’s Day, where I spent the day in Taiping. Folks here seem to enjoy the outdoor despite the heat. There were many people thronging Taiping Zoo and picnics set up at the Lake Garden. The most congested area are apparently places where family can spend time together. When we drove to town in search of food to fulfill lunch-time calling, the roads were almost empty and it was extremely easy to find a parking space :D


Along Barrack Road, a coffeeshop located at the corner block housed a steamed chicken rice stall. There are a number of patrons tucking away happily.. so, food must be good :)


Hot steamy rice with the fragrance of chicken fat and pandan leaves wafted to our table :3~ I started drooling already.

steamed chicken

The chicken is wonderfully smooth and tender. Pretty good. Some parts of the chicken can be fatty though.

Chinese rice dumpling #2

Most tables have a plate of Chinese rice dumplings (bak zhang/zhong zhi) on their table. It might turn out to be a regret if we didn’t try. The portion is quite big too. They are served with a bottle of Kampung Koh chilli sauce, made in Sitiawan, Perak.

Chinese rice dumpling #1

A substantial amount of chinese mushroom and pork embedded in glutinous rice which can be easily picked up with a chopstick, and a dab into the sweet sour chilli sauce.. couldn’t have been more perfect ^.^

The price came to about RM28 for 4. The dumpling is about RM5.


By Jian‘s recommendation, dessert is the famous Bismillah Cendol also at Barrack Road. It’s located further up from the chicken rice stall. Business is very good here. Two families arrived in their cars at the same time as us. Luckily we still manage to find a table to sit.


There are also a pasembor stall in the shop and a laksa cart just outside. A good place for brunch, afternoon snacks and tea-time. Since we have had lunch, we went straight for the stripped version cendol. I think it would be so good with pulut. Unfortunately we couldn’t stomach any more starch :P



The strips of cendol is fragrant with distinctive pure pandan flavour. Jian said that the cendol is made fresh at the back of the stall. Overall, I find it not as good as Penang’s Teochew cendol though. The taste of coconut milk is more prominent. I prefer cendol with more gula melaka taste :>

Sungai Petani Hawker Centre

20 12 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Langkawi for a vacation. On the return trip to Penang, we stopped by Sungai Petani for a late lunch, shopped at two new malls in the vicinity, then proceeded to dinner. We found this hawker’s centre which is bursting with lights amongst the dark and quiet rows of shophouses at Jalan Pengkalan. It’s sandwiched between Kuan Ah coffeeshop and Chong Eng coffeeshop, with a Roman inspired arch and it’s open air.

SP Wai Sek Kai

Char koay teow

A plate of char koay teow that’s full of wok hei and as delicious as what you can find in Penang. The rice noodle is soft, the prawns are of adequate size and not overcooked.

Porridge #1

This is the congee with assortment of side dishes you can add to. I think their most popular dish is the braised dark soy sauce pork.

Porridge #2

Can you guess how much is two bowls of porridge and 3 side dishes? RM 5! Okie, now I’m super impressed with the super cheap prices of food here.

Curry wantan noodle

Curry wantan mee I ordered. Three pieces of moderate size chicken, delicious Chinese style curry and springy wantan noodle cost RM2.50 :)


Then we tried the char tan (translate to deep fried egg, or bomb? Hehe, it’s up to your interpretation) which is famous here. It’s actually loh bak with egg yolk in the middle, coated with batter and deep fried. Yum!

Leng chee kang

This generous bowl of leng chee kang cost RM2. I was speechless when it was brought to our table! Okie, there are quail egg, sago, white wood ear fungus, grass jelly, jelly cubes, sweet potato, lychee, longan, atap chee, pak ko (lotus seeds), nata de coco and even kei chi (wolfberries) that are embedded in jelly! *slurp* It was not too sweet, very refreshing and a variety of textures in there that made it so good to have as dessert.

Fried buns

This stall just under the arch is selling another version of my favourite bak kwa roti (barbeque meat bun). The bun is deep fried until golden brown, but still so soft to the bite. Very sinfully delicious.

I have enjoyed the food here so much I think I must come back again.

Jonker Walk

21 09 2007

*paiseh* n.n I have no time to write an entry. So, I’ll just post some pictures of my favourite night market by far, Jonker Walk in Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka. Enjoy!

Dim sum #1

Dim sum #2

Take & go dim sum

Jonker Walk night market


Tokinado, with fillings (kaya, red bean, peanut butter or chocolate) sandwiched between what looks like two pancake cakes :P


Assorted seaweeds

Candied fruits

Candied fruits

Put chai ko

Woo.. Jian.. put chai ko Hongkee style wan :D

Tok tok #1

Tok-tok tong. The “ting ting tok tok” sound drew a lot of curious passer-by’s as it can be heard from far away. He sells this hard peanut candy for RM2 per small packet. It is not very sweet, with minty-flavour and extremely hard to bite ;)

Tok tok #2

The vendor is helped by his wife and his cute daughter.

Wooden clogs

Melaka’s signature wooden clogs


Lots of trendy bars housed in pre-war buildings in these area

Melaka Fresh Spring Rolls

18 09 2007

A mobile stall by the roadside and a long queue of people. Hmm.. good food not to missed out XD Hehehe..

Popiah stall #1

Stepping closer, I was hit by a strong yet pleasant aroma. It’s a popiah stall which smells so different from Penang popiah stall! With HoChiak!’s stamp of approval too…

Popiah stall #2

Wah, look at the ingredients *drools* Must buy the big big one!

Popiah stall #3

Efficiently, the man stirs a mountain of yam bean that is slowly being cooked in some dark sauce to coat and heat them evenly. Instead of the clear and almost translucent julienned yam bean, here you get dark ones but full of bursting flavour. After some research over the internet, I found that this stall is a popular popiah stall in Melaka. His father started the business but he has since taken over.

Popiah #1

A fat roll of popiah with sweet yam bean, beansprouts, tofu, egg and the secret ingredient – generous amount of crispy deep-fried pork lard :o The filling is slightly different from the usual popiah (no lettuce wan…).

Popiah #2

One bite and it was heaven! ^_^ I actually ate it the next day for breakfast and it was still good and orgasmically delicious.

Popiah mobile stall in front of Madam King’s Department Stall
Jalan Bunga Raya
, 75200 Melaka

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Aunty popiah stall

The next day, we went looking for it again but he sold out earlier due to it was Saturday. So we returned to the street where we had yu kau meen for this aunty’s popiah.

Aunty popiah

Compared to the former, aunty’s popiah is less flavourful but not bad too. Again, there is some deep-fried pork lard and a dark sauce is used to cook the yam bean.

Another must have in Melaka is definitely their version of popiah. *double thumbs up* :)

Satay Celup Melaka

5 09 2007

This is the continuation of the holiday with my parents 3 weeks ago. We arrived in Melaka at around 3pm. After some rest in the hotel, we headed for satay celup before 6pm to avoid crowds :) Round here, round there… we found Ban Lee Siang before Capitol. So we decided to just drop in.

Ban Lee Siang #1

Ban Lee Siang #2

A vast selection of food items skewered with bamboo sticks to choose from the fridge. Each stick costs only 50¢ so be careful of getting carried away :P

Satay celup skewers

We had oyster mushroom, okra, assorted fishballs, meatballs, squid balls, crab paste, tofu, etc.

Satay celup bread cubes

Additionally, we ordered bread cubes to soak up the spicy sauce and coat with chunks of peanut *slurp*! 50¢ a plate also.

Satay celup

Dump in everything and watch the skewers dance in the bubbling pot of peanut sauce. Once a while, the shop owner’s maid cum servant will interrupt and stirs the pot to prevent peanut chunks from burning at the bottom of it. Occasionally, she’ll pick up lose pieces from the skewers and put on your plate. Hehe

Lorong seafood #1

Lorong seafood #2

After meal, we walked around the area in Jalan Bunga Raya. We came to this dainty lorong that serves up fantastic seafood as blogged by wmw and has been visited by HoChiak! and Taste with Jason programme hosts.

Fish paste noodle

Off Jalan Bunga Raya, a few blocks down after Madam King department store is a road that’s closed at night for a few fruit and food stalls to operate. We had yu kau meen (fish paste noodle?) at a stall in front of Nam Seng coffeeshop. Assorted fish balls and fish paste topped with crispy fried beancurd skin in a bowl of yellow noodle and bee hoon. YuM! RM2.50 a serving.


A bottle of chili sauce to add to the noodle… up to your liking or tolerance :)