More MAHA 2008

22 08 2008

because I am an addict :P

Due to time constrain the previous day, we only manage to visit the technology, agencies and food products exhibition part. I went again the following day to visit the livestock part. Hey, when they say they have goat semen collection and cattle milk extraction demonstrations I want to see, ok!

To visit other parts, you will need to take a tram. The area covered by the expo is huge. Unless you intend to burn off the roti boom you ate in the morning, do not attempt to walk ;D

Other attractions:

  • Livestock exhibition
  • Petting zoo
  • Rodeo show
  • Pineapple farm
  • Paddy farm

Click here to see the list of events


The price for tram is RM1 for adult. It is free for children below 6yrs and senior citizens. You will be given a tag to wear on your wrist and you can hop on/off the tram at any of the 7 stations. Along the way in the tram, you will be briefed about plantations and facilities in Mardi and at each station, you will be informed about what you can see or buy at that particular area.

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MAHA 2008

17 08 2008

Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Show 2008
Malaysia Agro-Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS)
10am – 9pm (time extended for school holiday period!)
11-23 August 2008

MAHA 2008

Free shuttle bus service:
Departing from
Stadium Bukit Jalil, Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station and Serdang KTM Commuter station
from 9.30am to 10pm (every 15 minutes)

street post

square fruit

carnivore plant

Carnivore plant in a terrarium (1st prize winner in the terrarium competition)

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KL Eat & Shop: Day 2

4 05 2008

Jian and two of her unimates came to KL last week. After a terrible start to get to Taman Connaught’s pasar malam by public transport, it was compromised by a good makan time trying all the street foods I missed out on my last time there.


The next day, we went up 41 floors to KLCC skybridge before lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We ended up around office hour lunch time and it was packed with patrons in suits and office wear.

salt & pepper

*whispers to Jian* Wah, I feel we are so out of place :P


The interior is nice and comfortable. There’s al fresco dining area overlooking the beautiful lake and fountain in front of Suria KLCC. But with the heat outside, it’s better to pass off the romantic sentiment and stay indoor.

Kung Pao pasta #1

Kung Pao Spaghetti with Chicken RM24.90

Kung Pao pasta #2

A spicy and slightly oily dish of al dente spaghetti, stir fried with dried chili, tender chicken, sweet spring onions, and finally a sprinkle of peanuts.

Santa Fe pizza #1

Santa Fe Chicken Pizza RM27.90

Santa Fe pizza #2

An 8′ (or is it 9′?) crusty pizza topped with chopped cilantro, grilled chicken breast and Mozzarela cheese. In the middle, a mount of tomato salsa, guacomole and sour cream. Perfect combination of taste ^.^

Santa Fe pizza #3


We were rather dissapointed with the serving size because other tables seem to get larger portion than us. But the waiter said that there is only one standard serving size. And a glass of water cost RM1 :(

The tube

After the meal, we headed to Aquaria KLCC. For MyCard holders, the entrance fee is RM28. When the operator asked if we were students and said that we are only required to pay RM20 if we are, we quickly showed our student cards. Hehe n_n


Piranhas! I didn’t know they could be that small yet so deadly. Really cili padi by nature.




Mega cool chameleon

sea creatures

Whee~~ food! I mean fish!


Ngaumm~ Mega cool shark.


Hahaha don’t you feel like laughing looking at the “face”? ^.^

Petaling St – Taste, The Annexe Gallery – The Rest of 5 Senses

23 07 2007

Workshop #1

I was at The Annexe, Central Market last Saturday for the exhibition Sharing Space – Contemporary Photography of Malaysia + Japan. Based on the idea “to reveal the reality behind the visible”, the photographers invite us into the visible and invisible spaces they have captured.

Admission is free
Until Sunday, 29 July 07
11am – 8pm

Workshop #2

I attended their workshop which is only RM15 for students. The workshop brings the participants around the gallery, briefing on the photos and the concept behind capturing them in such a way.

Workshop #4

This is my favourite work, by Minstrel Kiuk. Entitled “Pursuit”, it is a 27 series postcards comprising images from an F1 race. Each postcard has two images, which is continuous from the previous series. By overlapping the similar image and arranging them from 01-27, they appear to chase after the next image and thus the title. Brilliant eh :)

Workshop #3

Everyone there was so artsy-fartsy while I was just a lost deer in the art world. But I truly enjoyed the experience and gained greater insights in art photography (very different from commercial and amateur photography).

Petaling St chee cheong fun stall

Of course then, I found myself at Petaling St before I went for the exhibition :P I keep coming back here because of the endless selection of food I have yet to try. For example, the chee cheong fun shop tucked at a corner, hidden from view by a fruit stall. It is located across the famous longan drink (air mata kucing) stall. I found it when I was walking along the walkway inside, oppose to the road where vehicles are also using it in the morning.

Petaling St chee cheong fun

For RM 2, the portion is extremely big for a chee cheong fun. There are a few spring onions here and there, which is something new I’ve seen :) They serve without the additional yong tau foo stuff. Down to the basic! I ordered minus the curry. It comes with tim cheong and topped with plenty of sesame. They have a bottle of soy sauce on the table. Curiously I asked if I could have it plain, then douse the soy sauce as I please. That was how my grandmother used to order for me when I was small. The taukeh said yes, and that would be my choice when I revisit the stall :>

I was very full after I cleared the plate. The chee cheong fun at Jalan Sayur is still the yummiest I’ve had though. Later I heard a customer asked for har mai. So I supposed the crispy shrimps must be ordered separately.

Petaling St sweet potato ball

The sweet potato ball that I must have whenever I’m at Petaling St ^_^ RM 2 for 10

Madras Lane market cendol

I walked into the wet market and explored a little before reaching the food stalls section. Feeling thirsty, I ordered cendol. But I was disapointed when the cendol was presented to me like that :( I want cendol in a bowl! I was basically drinking coconut milk with cendol and not eating it. No red beans in sight too. Hmpph! I should’ve ordered ABC. It has all the essential ingredients plus cendol scooped on top. RM 1.80

Food And Fruit Fiesta North Zone 2007

16 06 2007

I was watching our Malaysian pair (women’s double) leading 10-6 against Denmark in the Sudirman Cup. Then, I went to bathe cuz girls play not exciting. And they lost the first match! I switched channels but took a peek half an hour later. In the second match, they were already trailing 13-20! Better to turn off tv and blog about Food And Fruit Fiesta held at Sg Nibong Pesta site.

Jian and I reached at about 7.20pm. Our target – free flow of jus pala (nutmeg juice). It was drizzling. Hence, no pala or any shadow of a kepala giving free juice. Duped.

FF - Lemang & rendang

There are many booths displaying their products.. fresh, cooked or packed. If you missed out Hari Raya, you can buy rendang Tok, lemang, ketupat and serunding. If you can’t make it to Terengganu, they are selling the original lekor from Kampung Losong. Cameron Highlands strawberries, strawberry jam, strawberry preserved, strawberry cordial also got. Kuih bahulu, kek coklat, heong pneah buatan orang Melayu, Nata de Coco, instant laksa paste, dodol, keropok 2 for RM5, cloned mangoes, pineapples, sweet corns, dragonfruits, durian, nutmeg, Ipoh white coffee, Penang white coffee, kopi O…

FF - Sauce

Chilli sauce for dipping. Or buy 10 and use as bowling pins.

FF - Mango

FF - Satay

Ah, yes.. nested in the middle is this food court. We tried the satay tulang (RM1 per stick) which holds true to the name. The bone is barbequed together with the chicken meat, hence the aroma is captivating to the 2 unsuspecting victims. The vendor claimed that it is the only stall which sells satay tulang. But it is bad, really bad. So much bones in the meat that it impaired my eating ability.

FF - Booths

Public response isn’t that good.
Three probable factors – poor publicity, rain, unattractive atmosphere.

As the rain become heavier, we ran into a hall where a cooking competition has just ended.

FF - Cooking competition - Spaghetti

This looks scrumptious. In fact, the only plate which looks edible ;) Oh yeah, the chefs were made compulsory to use “Pacific West Fish Fillet” packs. No Ayamas please.

We stayed for Individual Vegetables Carving Competition. It’s fun for me, in a strange way, like watching paint dry on a wall.

FF - Carving competition

FF - Carving #1

1st prize winner – Paradise of Farmer

FF - Carving #2

2nd prize winner

FF - Carving #3

3rd prize winner – The Colour of Dreams

Losers whom I think should have won.

FF - Carving #4

So cute and almost edible!

FF - Carving #5

The work of this carving is very delicate. And this spot smells the nicest!

FF - Carving chef

We love the air-conditioned hall so much, we stayed for the next event. Vietnamese springroll demonstration by a gorgeous master chef who teaches in KDU. And free sampling.

FF - Vietnamese roll demo

FF - Vietnamese roll

Assorted greens, tofu and shrimps wrapped in rice paper for dipping into sweet and sour condiment – for the health freak in you!

KL Gastro Adventure: Day 2 – Evening’s Vibrancy of Colours

22 05 2007

Sorry! Been quite awhile since my stupid hero post ;) I was not up to anything at all. The immense amount of food I consumed and the exhausting days along the gastro adventure did little to intimidate my immune system. In less than 3 weeks at home, I fell sick with a cold, sorethroat and hormone inbalance issue ^_^; Jian experienced sickness the day after she got home from the trip. I guess I already run behind schedule.. blame it on the hormones. (I’m behind schedule with the posts too!)

Chow Kit monorail station

From pan mee & bakso, we moved to nearby Chow Kit market’s delicious offer on fresh produce and their vivacious atmosphere. Chow Kit market is the oldest market in KL. If you watched one of Bobby Chin’s World Cafe: Asia episodes, he was taught a trick by a local at this very market. What he did was hipnotize a live chicken to sleep by massaging it from below the wattles down to the chest. It was hard to believe but the chicken looks like it has already drop dead. Hehe

Chow Kit market #1

Because the market is so well stocked, it looks so vibrant and colourful. You can get pretty much anything you need here. If this vendor doesn’t have what you look for, just move on to the stall beside!

Chow Kit market #2

Mountains of dried anchovy :D

Chow Kit market #3

Mountains of grapes :D

Chow Kit market #4

A slope of cakes :D

Jian and I were 100% captivated. The most interesting market we’ve seen yet! I thought such exuberant market is only found overseas like Italy or India, but now I am damn proud of my local market n.n

Chips packet

It was here that we accidentally bought the oh-so-delicious!-why-lah-didn’t-buy-more! crackers called keropok Geragau (cuz made of Geragau prawns).

Geragau chips

It’s lightly spiced with the aromatic curry leaves that makes it taste so darn good and leave you wanting more. Along with it, we bought a pack of tapioca strips that are very crispy. It’s much thinner compared to the ones we usually find at pasar malam and less salty. RM7 for 2 bags.

Putu piring stall

Putu piring

Of course, wherever we go, we have to try and compare the putu piring at every stall we happen to find. Hehe.
Jian’s verdict: not as good as the ones had in Tg Tokong.
Reason: the brown sugar wasn’t flowing out and flour quality so-so.

Me agree! RM1 for 4 pieces.

Istana Budaya

Last but not least, a monorail ride to the Titiwangsa terminal before boarding a bus to Istana Budaya. Jian and I had a fantastic time relaxing at the beautifully decorated place.. carpetted floor, clean washroom, air-conditioned, high-ceiling with chandeliers. It’s a 5-star hotel-like lobby that we could steal 40-winks while sitting cross legged on the soft carpet :P

It should be added to the list of place to visit, besides KLCC, KL Tower or Putrajaya. The architecture of the building itself is amazing. Further down from Istana Budaya is the National Art Gallery which was under construction at that time. Both of these sites’ surroundings are photogenic grounds for some photo shooting.

Wayang kulit

Why we are there, is not to sleep on carpetted floor ^_^; We joined the rest of the people there for a show of wayang kulit. 5 minutes into it, I was lost in translation and purely just enjoy the bag of tapioca chips bought earlier.

Jian’s post: The Lost Pasar Malam of Chow Kit
Journey to Istana Budaya

Cunning little cold virus.. I shall be in tip-top condition for durian season

Day 2 Part 1
Day 1 Part 2
Day 1 Part 1

KL Gastro Adventure: Day 1 – Meet up with Jian

8 05 2007

Jian and I, with too much time to waste, decided on an Amazing Makan Race from 27 April – 4 May ;D Our gastronomic adventure covers some good find in KL, some bad ones and thanks to Jason, a delicious outing in Ipoh :3

I came back with a bigger tummy, heavier load and unsubsided appetite. Keke.

Jian was due to arrive at 2pm. My friend was going back to Penang that day, so I had the chance to ride along with them to Plaza Rakyat station. From there, I went on my own to dig out yummy food stalls within Chinatown.

Siew pao #1 stall

Along Jln Sultan is this stall selling a variety of chinese pastries. I was tempted by the beautiful (and hygienic) display of baked goodies.

Siew pao #1

Bought a siew pao for RM 1.40. So expensive ler. And it is only golf ball size. The filling is ok, substantial amount of pork meat and the sweetness of the sauce is just right. Still hungry.

Siew pao #2

And then, I found this gem being sold at yet another chinese pastry stall just beside the famous air mata kucing in Petaling Street. It is slightly bigger than the size of a tennis ball and it costs only RM1.40. It is filled to the brim with lots of lotus nuts. It gives a slightly different texture than the usual siew pao when you bite on it… plenty of crunch. It’s too dry though and I can hardly taste the pork meat. But it’s definitely a full meal!

After uniting with my race partner, we went for some cultural tour at the National Museum. It’s a disgrace that we’ve never been there before. Every trip to KL is just shop and eat. We decided to make this trip a learning experience as well :P Entrance is RM2 for adult.


We believe this is what happens to putu mayam when the vendor didn’t give full concentration in the process of making it. Aiyoyo, a heap of tangled up strings. What a mess.

Horse rider

Minangkabau horse rider arr… be my knight in shiny armour. Rescue me to the land of food! The National Muzeum definitely bore me to hunger ;)