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16 10 2008

bbm parcel

My parcel is shipped to the USA :) This is my first time joining the second blogging by mail event hosted by Dispensing Happiness.

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p/s: Going to post up my part of the Penang Flogger gathering soon. Too busy in the past weeks and laptop send for repair :P




12 responses

16 10 2008

wow… what a nice event…

hee hee… for the flogger gathering.. you are the last one to post…. can’t wait to see…

16 10 2008
CK Lam

Waiting and waiting…for your post on the gathering. I am a bit disappointed that I did’t manage to have a photo taken with you that night but luckily have a group photo :)

16 10 2008

You were there at the gathering too? Ohhhh..too bad…I didn’t get to meet you…coz I couldn’t make it:(
Never mind, there’s always one more round eh:D

16 10 2008
Criz Lai

I thought you have gone into hiding. LOL! Anyway, good to at least hear from you although you were busy. Looking forward to seeing your Penang Flogger post soon. :)

16 10 2008

Christy… there will be another one at 6th of Dec.. please help to prepare urself there…

17 10 2008
Big Boys Oven

Are you sending me something through mail? I will be waiting!

17 10 2008

hey this blogging by mail thing looks really interesting!! too bad i’m too late to participate… lemme know if there is one next year yeah!

hope you’re laptop’s all good now… cant wait to see your post on the gathering! :)

17 10 2008

Sounds interesting… :)

17 10 2008

I wanna see the parcel you rcv!!! :P

17 10 2008

PenangTuaPui – aiya! I’m on snail mode :P

CK Lam – aha next gathering take many many!

Christy – Next round make sure you go ok!

Big Boys Oven – in exchange I want your delicious homebake cakes :P

Lingzie – Ok! I’ll inform you when the next one comes around. I only found out a few days before the closing date.

jason – Yup. But the postage rate can be a bit expensive!

cariso – I hope I will get it soon! aha

22 10 2008

Hi. I wanted you to know that I sent your BBM package. I totally forgot to put in a note so you would know who it was from. Anyway, I hope you get it soon, and I hope you love all of the little knick-knacks in it!

23 10 2008

Hee thanks so much Melissa! ^.^

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