1 Week Penang

17 08 2007

Been MIA for sometime because I was back in hometown for almost a week. I return to KL with my parents as they drove down here for a 3 days vacation. Attended 2 days of classes, then followed them for their next 3 days of holiday in Malacca :P When I return to uni, I was tossed a series of tests and a pile of assignmments. Aih… ;)

Before I write about my Malacca trip, a brief post from balik kampung trip. I had lots of home cooked food, so there aren’t much to blog about n.n

Agreed to treat Jian and she suggested Paddington House of Pancakes to make use of her mobile voucher for a BUY 1 FREE 1 Paddington pancakes. Headed to Queensbay Mall with a growling tummy. Ordered the Mexican Double Burger (RM25.50) since I’ve never tried it and Jian says its good.

Paddington - Mexican Burger #1

Double beef patties with pineapple rings, grilled capsicum slices and cheese…! Plus guacamole, lettuce, tomato and fries on the side. The chunky gravy is weird (like starch with seasoning) but the beef patties is packed with beefy taste. Overall, it’s absolutely delicious.

Paddington - Mexican Burger #2

I am humongous… mwahahaha

Paddington - American coconut

For the free pancake, we had the American pancake with peaches, Hawaiian coconut, nuts and ice cream (RM11.50). Quite disappointed with it. The dessicated coconut tastes fake, only three miserable blueberries in the plate and a slob of butter looks like it was haplessly thrown. Jian wanted to take mouth watering dessert photos for her mag cover assignment but the presentation was a let down :(

The bill came to RM40 for the 2 plates of pancake and a tall glass of Fizzy Mango & Orange (RM7.50).


The next day, I experimented with a ban jiang kuih recipe only to produce apom. I didn’t use lye water as suggested and added an extra egg.The recipe is a keeper as it made about 6 servings of fluffy apom. Nyam nyam!

Paddington - Lamb blintzes

Got myself a mobile voucher as well and treated my little sis to Paddington, again! We ordered lamb blintzes – slow cooked lamb cubes, fresh mint and mashed potatoes (RM18.50). Then it came in a square bowl half the usual size they serve, we were like “Uh?”. The portion is much much smaller than we are accustomed to. It came in two packets, like chinese medicinal package. Lol. The mutton which is cooked in a sweet tomato based sauce is very flavourful and tender whereas the mashed potato is to die for! Very delicious.

Paddington - Breakfast set

For the free pancake, we ordered the American pancakes with 3 toppings i.e. chipolatas (sausage), sunny side up and beef bacon (RM 16.50). Again it was served with the funny tasting brown gravy. The egg tastes geli but not a bad dish if minus these 2 things.

The bill was about RM30 with a glass of juice.

Economy fried noodle

By the end, broke liao. Eat economy fried noodle and

Tofu bakar

tauhu bakar ;D

Jelutong hawkers

But I highly recommend the keng chai mai fun from this hawker stall in Jelutong. This row of hawkers operate at night in front of the POS office, not the other hawker makeshift stalls located along the road parallel to it (where the Jelutong morning market is). Fried beehoon is incredibly light and tasty. The tom yam maggi has very nice tom yam flavour to it. I usually mix both on a plate. It’s a must have whenever I come back :P

*A new economy noodle stall has opened a few lots down. The original one is located beside a drink stall.