Ramadan Bazaar Kampung Baru

1 10 2007

View from Kampung Baru

I couldn’t forget this part of KL after my coursemates drove me here once to experience the uniqueness of Kampung Baru. This quaint area seems to be isolated and untouched by the surrouding development yet it integrates seamlessly in the city. The little ketupat deco lights are up, welcoming the arrival of raya festival in less than 2 weeks :)

Bubur lambuk masjid #1

Bubur lambuk masjid #2

What else is Kg Baru famous for at this time of the year, if not for their aromatic concoction of bubur lambuk. Nearby Chow Kit market and just in front of Plaza Safuan, I was here at the right time to watch two men cooking a large container of bubur lambuk each. As they continuously stir the pot in a circular motion, I caught a glimpse of pandan leaves and various types of spices (cardamom pods, star anise, cumin seeds) that lend the aromatic smell.

Bubur lambuk

Further down Jalan Raja Alang near Masjid Jamek Kg Baru, there are numerous stalls selling famed bubur lambuk Kg Baru. This particular stall has 4 huge pots and heaps of readily packed being sold for RM2.

Bubur lambuk masjid #3

I went back to the market at around 4.30.. Look at the line of people queuing up for bubur lambuk. If I guess correctly, they are free given by the mosque to the public.

Ayam golek

Ayam golek, RM15 per bird. See the golek mechanism? Looks like bicycle gear. Hehe.

Drinks #2

Drinks sold at bazaar are usually so colourful. The cendol bandung is pink and black (made of grass jelly or cincau). I didn’t take the picture of cendol which is milky green and black, looks too scary to drink!

Drinks #1

Why are the containers different sizes? Haha.


Murtabak Pak Din, only RM1.20 per piece. So cheap, so I bought one to try. The other stall just next to it has almost similar name, which is Murtabak Din. I choose Pak Din as the name sounds experienced, probably more sedap =P

I find its taste is just normal and the texture is like omelette. The sliced red onion is soaked in rose syrup. The mini murtabak at Pasar Jumaat in Penang is way better.

Putu bamboo #1

This is the putu bamboo sold all year round, not just during ramadan month.

Putu bamboo #2

Too bad they are not steaming new batch at that time, I couldn’t take a picture of them being prepared. The plastic container is loaded with yummy melted gula melaka :3

Putu bamboo #3

Putu bamboo does not have the melt in your mouth sensation like putu piring does. It’s very compact (or is it because I brought it back to eat much later?). The banana leaf used for wrapping adds a fragrant touch to it. The coconut is not freshly grated coconut, but more like desiccated one. White sugar is added to the grated coconut. Personally I think brown sugar would’ve taste better.

Putu bamboo #4

Inside is gula melaka. Thick syrupy gula melaka is prefered of course! RM2 for 5 pieces.

I was also searching for the roti jala with durian sauce as blogged by boolicious. I didn’t see any roti jala stall though. I was there between 4 to 5pm, perhaps that was a little early. There were not as many stalls set up as I expected too. But getting to watch the preparation of bubur lambuk is very well worth it :)