2nd Penang Flogger Gathering

17 10 2008


A delayed post from the 2nd Penang Flogger gathering at Edelweiss Cafe! (Sorry to all who were expecting this post like.. um almost 3 weeks ago >.<) We have to thank Lingzie for making the event happen. Also to the other sponsors of goodies – CK Lam, Criz Lai (lucky draw) and Gill & Jason :) It was truly a night centered on food and mingling among bloggers, getting to know each other at a more personal level. The best moment is when everyone started clicking away their camera when a plate arrives at a table!

Edelweiss signs

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Station Kopitiam @ Berjaya Times Square

7 08 2008

Holding 2 food promo flyers shoved into our hands earlier, with one eye closed we picked one to lunch at. We found ourselves at Station Kopitiam because a) we can’t find a nice and affordable place to eat at BJT and b) it’s near to the cinema where we were going to watch The X-Files.


I never trust these type of outlets which serve food that is good enough to look but fails miserably taste-wise. The drawing factor would be that most dishes are under RM15. The drinks we ordered (from left) are Galaxy fruit juice (looks more like a-go-go-ish polka dress), ice lemon tea (which comes with my set) and citron tea. The lemon tea is kinda like the Thai tea sans the milk.. it has a pretty nice flavour. The citron tea tastes like chan pei (the dried orange peel we eat as asam), quite interesting and refreshing.

crispy chicken

My friend’s bbq sauce chicken chop served with sides of fries, par-boiled greens and fried rice. RM11.90. He claimed that the chicken is yummy :)

sweet and sour chicken

My other friend’s sweet and sour chicken with rice and pappadum. RM6.30.

fried koey teow set

My set of fried koey teow with two pieces of chicken (hidden underneath) topped with egg and pappadum. Included in the set are ice lemon tea, 2 tiny slices of watermelon, and MSG laden soup. RM7.90. After trying the fried koey teow, I throw my preconception aside. It is actually not bad. My only complain is the oiliness of the dish.

The serving size is reasonably large to make us feel very full and satisfied :)


After the movie, at Sg Wang Plaza, we saw this geeky guy playing piano. I didn’t recognise him but I thought he look familiar. Then my friend pointed out that he’s Vick from Malaysian Idol 1 <- I don’t watch this stuff. He was to perform a non-stop 24-hour piano recital to accomplish a Malaysia Book Of Records feat. Lucky he choose piano, not guitar. The Colonel KFC bow tie looks good on him.


Then I spotted something more interesting. A big red SUV loaded with goodies *smiles to self*. A crowd was already surrounding the two staffs from 98.8fm.


Heehee.. true enough, they started passing out Pepsi MAX just about the time we got near them. Freebies! Woohoo!

KL Eat & Shop: Day 3

10 05 2008

On the last day I was with them, we went to the famed ‘nostalgic dining place’, Yut Kee at Jalan Dang Wangi. At first glance, the coffeeshop is tiled and complete with marbled table top and wooden chairs. Wah~ My favourite kind of ambience ;D



Antique objects, old picture frames and multitudes of newspaper interviews on this place adorned the length of this longish coffeeshop. My grandpa used to own that kind of fan until a few years ago before it went kaputt.


To see the pricing, click on pic to view larger size.

pork chop #1

We had the recommended Hainan pork chop, looking like it had trudged through a hurricane before arriving at our table. That poor piece of pork appears to have drowned in the gravy.

pork chop #2

A better presentation, thanks to Jian’s friend :) Jian thinks the pork has been tenderized by meat tenderizer, thus leading to a tough and coarse texture. Paired with the watery thin and tasteless gravy, even Worcestershire sauce cannot save this disaster before our eyes :o

Lea & Perrins

chicken chop

The chicken chop fare no better. Another victim of banjir kilat. The eggy skin felt like chewing a soggy piece of french toast. The sauce does not have enough flavour to complement the chicken.

roti babi #1

Roti babi was slightly more acceptable. A bun filled with shredded pork and caramelized onion that is fried.

roti babi #2

Some of the pork shreds are so smooth we almost believe it could fish meat. If it is accidental that pieces of fish fell into the pork mixture, blame it on earthquake?


Thank goodness for this kow and arromatic coffee to comb up the messed left on my palate.

We agreed that the Hainan western food at Yut Kee is perhaps, overrated. If there is a next time, maybe we should give the lam mee and fried rice a try.

There’s gov tax?! #@*&^%$^!@*&

KL Eat & Shop: Day 2

4 05 2008

Jian and two of her unimates came to KL last week. After a terrible start to get to Taman Connaught’s pasar malam by public transport, it was compromised by a good makan time trying all the street foods I missed out on my last time there.


The next day, we went up 41 floors to KLCC skybridge before lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We ended up around office hour lunch time and it was packed with patrons in suits and office wear.

salt & pepper

*whispers to Jian* Wah, I feel we are so out of place :P


The interior is nice and comfortable. There’s al fresco dining area overlooking the beautiful lake and fountain in front of Suria KLCC. But with the heat outside, it’s better to pass off the romantic sentiment and stay indoor.

Kung Pao pasta #1

Kung Pao Spaghetti with Chicken RM24.90

Kung Pao pasta #2

A spicy and slightly oily dish of al dente spaghetti, stir fried with dried chili, tender chicken, sweet spring onions, and finally a sprinkle of peanuts.

Santa Fe pizza #1

Santa Fe Chicken Pizza RM27.90

Santa Fe pizza #2

An 8′ (or is it 9′?) crusty pizza topped with chopped cilantro, grilled chicken breast and Mozzarela cheese. In the middle, a mount of tomato salsa, guacomole and sour cream. Perfect combination of taste ^.^

Santa Fe pizza #3


We were rather dissapointed with the serving size because other tables seem to get larger portion than us. But the waiter said that there is only one standard serving size. And a glass of water cost RM1 :(

The tube

After the meal, we headed to Aquaria KLCC. For MyCard holders, the entrance fee is RM28. When the operator asked if we were students and said that we are only required to pay RM20 if we are, we quickly showed our student cards. Hehe n_n


Piranhas! I didn’t know they could be that small yet so deadly. Really cili padi by nature.




Mega cool chameleon

sea creatures

Whee~~ food! I mean fish!


Ngaumm~ Mega cool shark.


Hahaha don’t you feel like laughing looking at the “face”? ^.^

Soho Free House, Penang Road

23 11 2007

Soho Freehouse #1

I had lunch at Soho the other day after dad reckon they serve good traditional English pie. Soho is a pub at night but you can dine here for lunch and dinner. In the afternoon during weekdays, the place may get a bit crowded with office workers (lawyers and businessmen mostly).

Soho Freehouse #2

When we went there last weekend, we were surprisingly the only patrons besides a man who was already at the counter having his beer. Soon after, two men came in, followed by a family of foreigner. Business wasn’t brisk but all the better for us :P Food was served promptly and the waiter was attentive to our needs.

Soho Freehouse #3

The interior is very much like an old bar in an English countryside. All the furnitures are polished wood, the wooden floor of the deck creaks under our feet, the ceiling is wooden plank right down to the pillars are wood. I find myself scrutinizing every decoration in the place because none are essentially the same.

Soho Freehouse #5

Soho Freehouse #4

Empty liquor bottles line the wall shelf, retro looking Guiness posters and some other interesting brand logos are all over the place.

Steak & Tiger pie

In house specialty are old shepherd’s pie, fish & chips, home made burgers and chicken cordon bleu. Dad loves their Steak & Tiger pie so that was what he ordered. It’s chunks of beef marinated in Tiger beer topped with a puff pastry, with baked beans and fries on the side. Meanwhile, sis had their chicken & leek pie, which is chicken in a creamy white sauce also with a puff pastry baked to a crispy perfection. It’s served with green peas and fries on the side. You can request for jacket potato instead of fries.

Ploughman's Lunch

Mom wanted something light, so she ordered one of the Soho Quickies, Ploughman’s Lunch. The dish comprise of a french roll with a generous wedge of cheddar cheese, few sprigs of spring onion and pickled veg (since I can’t identify them, the menu writes – gherkin, radish, silver onion and red cabbage).

Sheperd's pie #1

I had their signature old style shepherd’s pie. It’s a classic British dish of minced meat in a secret highland sauce covered to the brim with mashed potato and baked, served with green peas and garden salad. The meat is your choice of lamb or chicken.

Sheperd's pie #2

I loved my pie! It’s very delicious especially the smell and taste of the lamb. However, I was wary whether they’ve used mutton because of the distinct flavour. Nonetheless, the meal was scrumptious to the last bite ^_^

The total amount came to about RM64. They also have spaghetti, steak, lamb chop, etc on their menu but their pies really are the best. There are an expansive selection of cocktails in their separate drinks menu including a lewdly named “slow comfortable screw against the wall” =D

Operating hour:
Open daily from 12pm to 12am

It can be easily spotted.. a bright purple building in Penang Road on your right.
No. 50, Penang Road, 10000 Penang
Tel: 604-263 3331 / 262 8331

Beef patties

14 11 2007

Beef patties in the making

This afternoon I was experimenting with making my own beef patties ;D

I didn’t have any recipe in hand, so I simply threw in whatever I can find in mom’s kitchen. I had 200g of beef bought the day before, half an onion, some corriander and about half a cup of breadcrumbs. I added Heinz bbq sauce to bind all the ingredients and a dash of salt and pepper.

After shaping them, the patties are grilled on each side until browned and thoroughly cooked. When the patties are almost done, I slice a burger bun into half and lightly toast it on the grill. When both are done, lunch is served!

Burger with beef patties

The patty is less compact, crunchier and you can flavour it with other herbs and spices as you like. You can make them in advance and store in freezer, pretty much like store-bought. On the health side, you know what goes into the patties and less calories laden :3 There aren’t much preparation involved. Took me less than half an hour ^_^ (after deducting the time for photography).

Food Loft, Gurney Plaza

5 11 2007

This should have been up a few weeks ago ^_^
Me and my sis were gapping at the extensive list of cuisines in front of Food Loft and then, *tada!* a good samaritan handed me RM10 vouchers to dine there ;D We are very grateful to this couple who are not local, hence they found us to dispose um .. give the vouchers to. Tq tq~

Food Loft #1

We return to Gurney Plaza on another day to eat here, since we already had lunch. For every RM10 spent, a voucher worth RM1 is given to you which you can redeem at the next dine-in. I think most would already know the dining concept at Food Loft as it has been featured in a few blogs. There are Cantonese, Japanese, Western, etc stations where you can order your food and it will be recorded in a card. Then you pay them on your exit.

Food Loft #2

The Italian/Western food station.

Food Loft #3

The posh seats. So nice to sit…

Food Loft #4

Which is why I brought laptop along, so we can spend long hours on the plush cushion. Keke. They provide excellent wi-fi service, and we managed to watch Hell’s Kitchen and X-Family alternately, 4 episodes total!

American Roast

Moving on to food now, we had the American roast chicken with bland boiled vege and yucky rice but delicious chips. The chicken was okay, very typical RM8.90/bird sold at hypermarket that kind of taste. It’s a big plate though.

Spaghetti vongole #1

Then we had the spaghetti vongole. It tastes very chinese? Like soy sauce, oyster sauce, dried local chili flakes that sort of combo.. then they throw in olives and olive oil. The dish is quite nice, but it’s not fusion, it’s confusion.

Spaghetti vongole #2

Two pieces of mussel, but tiny tiny compared to Italiannies! :P


After contemplating for sometime, we decided to have cendol as well. And OMG! What a mistake.. it’s huuugggeee! It’s one complete meal bowl ya know. The size they use for ramen? Makan until scared. Not enough gula melaka, while coconut milk is too overpowering.

The total came to about RM40 but fortunately got voucher :P All in all, the price we paid is more for ambiance than food.