Kim Gary HK Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

19 03 2008

An Empress and the WarriorsI watched An Empress and the Warriors yesterday at Sunway. Thanks to my friend’s friend who got movie passes from MyFM so it was free ^.^ I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I ended up loving it! The story is touching with great actions throughout, but if you are a rpg-er or medieval war person, you will thoroughly be in awe with the intricately designed armours. Especially Kelly Chen’s at the end of the movie – very the yeng! I want an action figure of that~ ;) Though set in ancient China, I felt much of the props in the movie are influenced by the west. Nonetheless it’s one great movie to watch *thumbs up*

Had J.Co donuts again. Hehe. I actually smell the aroma from two floors above. Is it possible?! My friend never tried them, so she dragged us here. I would probably drag myself here anyhow. Heehee ^o^


AiWei, this time was warned by 2 staffs not to take pic :P

J.Co donuts

From top left: Coco Loco, Cheese Me Up, Why Nut
Below: Al-Caponne, Tiramisu, Oreology

Choco Loco and Oreology earned bad remarks from us. The rest *thumbs up* *toes up*. Mmms fills the air as the J.Co donut virgins had a taste of the soft donuts and delicious cream~

I guess that was appetizer n.n Then we head to Kim Gary for dinner. I’m never a fan of char chan teng so I ask my friends why they tend to come here. “Cuz it’s a convenient and great place for Chinese food”. Hmm I always thought food court for Chinese food… where I can get my plate char koay teow and bowl of hokkien mee.

KG green tea honey lemon

A yummy and refreshing drink – green tea honey lemon. Though I prefer it to be more sour than sweet.

KG pork ribs rice

Pork ribs rice. Sorry about the blur image…

KG cheese curry chicken

Cheese pineapple curry chicken served with rice. For their special curry cheese sets, you can choose to have rice or spaghetti with it. Then you can pick between 3 types of curry – pineapple, supreme and, the other I forgot coconut milk n_n

KG cheese curry beef & spaghetti

My cheese supreme curry beef served with spaghetti.

KG cheese curry beef

I found the beef slices to be slightly cheewy and the curry tasted sweet. But it was spicy enough for my liking! I love the stringy cheese in it :) The spaghetti was cooked al-dente but I think rice would have gone much nicer with it.

15% off for students.
10% off for Jusco card holders.

The total came up to about RM58, after flashing our student card for 15% discount. Equivalent to not having to pay for the service charge & gov tax :)

I’ve been disappointed once and I’m not impressed yet. But I will come back before I’m disqualified for the 15% off :P

dance dance

End the day dancing off the calories to Britney’s Baby One More Time.. haha n.n