Going Pakistani

10 03 2008


So, did everyone went out to vote last Saturday? I sure did, uh.. grab the opportunity of uncongested KL traffic and rode a bus to Merdeka Square. The cloudy sky and empty street made perfect condition to shoot some pics ^_^ Not that I’m evading responsibility, but it’s the fact of having to travel between PG and KL. RM54 for bus tickets can earn me 3 dozens J Co Donuts oledi. Jian also laksanakan kewajipan by rolling on the bed hugging her blankie. Akeke *high-5*!

When I came back and post-processed some hdr images, they all turned out looking grim and rather terrifying! Bangunan Sultan Abd Samad resembles a haunted mansion! Probably has to do with the day the coalition party marking their biggest downfall in history :P And right here 50 years ago, they officially became the ruling party for this country.

Sultan Abdul Samad building

My gift to BN – mourn…

What is going to happen next? Does this change bring uncertainties? How will this political move affect the equity, the share market and business? What happens to all the ongoing development projects? I don’t know, I never pay attention in Sejarah or Pengajian Am. But it should be interesting. Go blogger Jeff Ooi (future Jelutong MP)!

I was looking for more buildings to snap some photos when I inadvertently walked into Jln Masjid Jamek. What else to do now but look for food! Yes I remembered the Lahore post in EatingAsia. It is situated at the beginning (or the end, depending which side you are on) of a stretch of Malay food stalls along a backlane. It was morning, the friendly Pakistani owner recommended his paratha as other dishes are not available yet.


Paratha & dhal

The paratha is simply delectable. It tears away better than tissue and the combination of margerine, flour and perfect cooking technique made this tastes much better than any other paratha. Eaten with dhal, it’s a marriage made in heaven~ n.n


Milk tea

To accompany this typical breakfast, Pakistani tea. Which in my humble opinion, is pretty much like teh tarik except the sweetness is controlled and no tongue-biting after-taste (I get this prickly feeling in my tongue with mamak’s teh tarik). All for RM2.50 and lots of smiles from the man. I will definitely come back to try the mutton curry and kheer and all their specialties that are of Pakistan origin!

While I was off exploring, I came across this breadhouse which looks as old as Malaysia. It reminds of me Pg’s Continental Bakery. I wish I had gone in to have a look but it looks scary from the distance.

Federal breadhouse

Hdr is my latest obsession :) Meanwhile, have a look at my Merdeka Square series. I will be posting more at my flickr as I’ve done editing.


KL Gastro Adventure: Day 2 – Chow Kit

12 05 2007

Taking the monorail to Medan Tuanku, Kin Kin chili pan mee is in the row of shophouses behind the car park. A bowl of hand-made noodle goodness coupled with blasting heat from the chili is what I decided to have for breakfast (with bewildered look from Jian). Keke.

Kin Kin chili pan mee shop
Jian’s snap

The unmistakenable yellow signboard of the shop.

Kin Kin chili pan mee

The poach egg! Yummy.. my absolute favourite addition to the pan mee.

Pan mee

Ahh.. my bowl of string noodle, as opposed to the flat and thicker version normally served at pan mee stalls. Add in the deliciously hot chili paste to your amount of tolerance. I like it spicy to the point of teardrop and runny nose :3

This is my second time eating here. I have to say that the first time was better. The noodle was slightly overcooked.. no longer has that springy texture. RM4.60 per bowl.

Bakso noodle

After hopping in and out of shopping complexes (just to borrow their air-cond), we took a bus and went for lunch at Restaurant TAR located along Jln Tunku Abd Rahman (or directly in front of the Chow Kit monorail). Based on EatingAsia’s recommendation, we tried the bakso, which is an Indonesian dish of yellow and glass noodles with huge sized meatballs :)


Oops, you can’t really compare the actual size here. I think it’s about 2.5 inches in diameter ;D RM3.50 per bowl.

ABC campur

We also ordered the ais campur. It’s a towering shaved ice drizzled with generous amount of chocolate sauce and some coconut milk. Yummy! Jian said it’s like drinking thick milo. Hehe.

ABC melt
Jian’s snap

When it melts (or you can try dig up the ingredients with some skills :P), a sea of coloured gems meet your gaze. So beautiful! There are red and green cendol, grass jelly, green sago, yellow jelly and coconut flesh. RM3 for this satisfying dessert.

ABC machine

We were seated right in front the drink stall and just behind the bakso stall. We got a VIP view of the process in making ^_^

Day 1 Part 2
Day 1 Part 1

Camel’s Milk

3 06 2006

Price: RM 1

As odd as it sounds, I hope I can try all types of animal milk before I die. When I saw a basket containing bars of camel’s milk (like yoghurt bars) being sold at a shop in Carrefour Butterworth, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. When I took my first bite, the taste hit me strongly in the mouth and it just tastes artificial. I can’t describe it. The groundnuts and sweetened peanuts in the bar is definitely needed to balance up the somewhat funny flavour.