Rak Thai @ The Gardens Midvalley

10 08 2008


Rak Thai serves some trully delicious and authenthic Thai food at affordable prices. It is located on the ground floor of The Gardens, just beside SBread. The restaurant shows Thai influence in the interior and it is spacious enough for roller skating within.


At the front there are some cosy low sitting rattan sofas if you can eat with your body bend at an angle. Or you can just sit at the hard wooden chair at normal height. Packets of instant noodle and other Thai-related prepacked foods are displayed in front as well as in one corner, and I presume they are also for sale.

But I’m here for cooked food! Check the menu here and here. I photographed them for future reference ^o^

ice lemon tea & pandan lemongrass

Iced lemon tea and Pandan lemongrass. My Pandan lemongrass is ordered warm because I had cough. It is a very nice drink! Reminds me of tong yuen but with the extra infusion of fragant lemongrass. Gives me an idea when boiling syrup for tong yuen next time!

tom yam kung

Both my friends ordered Tom Yum Kung Seafood. When it came, boy, were we surprised it is clear! I’ve been wanting to try this version. It is heavily flavoured with galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. A taste of the soup is enough to send me to happyland! ^.^ I love the sourness and spicyness combined with the flavour of the natural ingredients. All of us are smitten by how good it is ;D

green curry

Next up, my Green Curry Seafood. My friend was raving about this before coming, I had to order this despite having just recovered from fever. Another bowl of yumminess! The taste is heavily infused with Thai basil and coconut milk, with loads of the leaves inside and a few pieces of squid rings, fish paste and crabstick. Too bad about the layer of oil. Icks me out :P I felt so jelak at the end.

Overall, I like the way they prepare their food. Using real ingredients and the taste is as close to the original as possible.