Blue Moon

13 09 2008

Sorry for abandoning this blog for so long. There’s been loads of tests and assignments, plus the dorm internet connection is just lousy. Sites like google, yahoo and flickr wouldn’t load at all (DNS server problem??). Then I resort to using proxies which solves the problem temporary but it’s kinda slow. uSpot (our uni’s wifi provider) really sucks.


I had the opportunity to try this Blue Moon snow skin mooncake by Chyna, Hilton KL. The lotus and Amaretto paste enclosing the Blueberry Cheese Fenillantine in the center is wrapped with a layer of blue snow skin.


The outer layer was simply soft yet gives a very slight chewy sensation. The combination layers of blueberry filling, cream cheese and amaretto paste simply shouts cheesecake! but the additional layer of lotus paste brings you back to hey, it’s mooncake ^.^ The flavour and texture of the snow skin is excellent. The tangy cheese and sweet lotus is well balanced. Unfortunately I couldn’t really taste the amaretto. For the price RM13.60 per piece (and the size is smaller than regular mooncakes), it’s really satisfaction fulfilled. Yum~


The Much Anticipated Semester Break

19 04 2008

Finally over ^.^ Didn’t do well this time :( Exam can certainly make me eat and add on calories I don’t need. These are snacks I have snacked on

London roll

London roll from Lonbisco! They are very soft and the cream filling is not too sweet. I can eat all 6 pieces in a box while doing revision :P My fav is the blueberry.

Pocky sticks

Pocky chocolate banana sticks. The artificial banana flavouring smells like antibiotic when I open the package! Yuck.

Pocky Choco Banana

I was sold by the cute monkey on the packaging and I thought eating this helps me tackle cheeky questions.


Reese’s peanut butter caramel chocolate bar. Yummy! I got this from Bangsar’s Village Grocer. Anyone knows where I can get Reese’s besides Bangsar?

Reese's Nutrageous

This pretty much sums up exam week.. Nutrageous!

IKEA’s Swedish food product

1 03 2008

I am not to promote IKEA’s product, but simply to state how much I enjoyed these cookie thins! I bought two 150g boxes for RM8.50 at IKEA’s food section.

Cookie thins

Foreign words on a packaging threw my thrifty-spending-caution out the window! I still keep the empty box of one of them that I’ve finished ;D I bought the almond and cappuccino flavours.

Almond thins #1

Leaning cookie tower of Stockholm.. hehe

Almond thins #2

Despite how thin it looks, munching each cookie is like biting on solid concentrate. It’s packed full of taste! There are also ginger and orange flavours. If you can’t decide, just dip your hands in the individual cookie jar they place in the store and try ;D