2008 New Year Countdown, Sungai Wang

2 01 2008

I apologize I haven’t been updating. I have returned to my uni from semester break. My parents drove me down to KL and with my well equipped knowledge thanks to all the blogging foodies, I brought them hunting for all the good foods here :P Food posts coming up.

Yesterday my coursemates and I hit the street party countdown at Sungai Wang. People were spraying snow confetti all over each other. There was a concert too but I’m not familiar with Chinese artistes. My friends were there hoping to catch Justin (singer from HK) but all we get is the big lcd screen. The only artiste I recognize is the Malaysian Idol Danielle lor ;) 20 seconds to the new year, the countdown began and at the stroke of midnight, we were presented with an amazing display of fireworks.

New year 2008 countdown #1

Digi yellowman not missing out! Unfortunately the line was pretty crappy that night.

New year 2008 countdown #2

New year 2008 countdown #3

New year 2008 countdown #4

Happy New Year to all floggers! May 2008 bring plenty of happiness to you and family, and numerous more food adventures that satisfies your tummy ;D


My greatest new year gift is a newly installed hotspot at my dorm! I can access it from my room because I live right above and well within the signal coverage ^_^ *peace sign* Now I can easily blog whenever I like. Akekeke~




4 responses

3 01 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!!!!
Have a great year ahead ya:)

3 01 2008

Happy New Year!

3 01 2008

Selamat Tahun Baru!!

3 01 2008

Happy new year! All the best with your studies!

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